Month: July 2015

Food for Thought

7 Reasons To Be Friends With Foodies

Ah, food bloggers. We longingly scroll through their beautiful food photos, and check out their recent posts for new cafes to explore on the weekend. Now that the FOOD LOVER BLOG AWARDS are back in town, here’s your chance to give them more love hearts than a double tap on Instagram. Plus, this year there will be prizes for […]

Latest & Greatest

Menulog Food Lover Blog Awards 2015

Due to the success of last year’s Food Lover Blog Awards, we’re back with bigger and better prizes! These awards shine light on what foodies do best: eat, travel, taste, capture, and cook! With this in mind, we have increased this year’s prize pool to favour these interests and activities. […]

Latest & Greatest

Office (Lunch) Supplies

We don’t know about you guys, but we basically start thinking about lunch around 10 am every morning. (If you find yourself daydreaming about FREE LUNCH for the office, read below and find out how to WIN!) And while these office supplies won’t curb hunger pangs (probably the opposite, actually), […]