Month: November 2015

Food for Thought

“There’s An App For That”

There’s an app for basically everything you could ever want (and never need), but a select few are worth their weight in gold. With technology overload inundating our lives, we sometimes yearn for simpler times. But, those rose-tinted glasses tend to cloud the reality of analog times. So after a […]

Latest & Greatest

What Australians Want For Christmas

We have gone through THOUSANDS of your Christmas wishes this week. With requests for everything from engagement rings to Batman socks, we picked out some of our funny favourites: A Christmas sweater for my guinea pig, Romeo Golden snitch Remote control egg timer (because to succeed at egg, you must first gain control) Two goldfish […]

Latest & Greatest

What Will YOU Wish For?

Make a *wish* whenever you order via the Menulog app this holiday season. The only catch? Your gift of choice must fit inside a standard takeaway box! This rules out that luxury yacht you’ve always wanted (sorry) but a little creativity opens up a whole world of box-sized gift ideas… ************************************************************************************************ […]