Month: April 2017

Everyday Heros

Australia’s hidden gems

There are eateries in every city that are the best-kept secrets of the locals who frequent them. At Menulog, we believe that when it comes to food, the best shouldn’t be reserved for those in the know, so we uncovered the best hidden gems around the country to let you […]

Latest & Greatest

Easter for adults

Remember how much fun Easter holidays used to be as a kid? You were given Easter egg after Easter egg and you didn’t have to beg. It was the one time of year your parents would openly buy you Cadbury chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and even chocolate cake without you […]

Food Hacks

Travelling with Menulog

Nothing makes you hungrier than travelling. Whether it be on the road, travelling to the beach or staying at a hotel, you are guaranteed to be thinking about your next meal. And one of the best things about Australia is that we have the world’s best food on almost every […]