36 Slice Pizza Challenge

36 Slice Pizza Challenge

Thought you could never have enough of pizza? Try seeing off 36 slices of this cheesy goodness…

Ciao! I’m Scott (aka @TheWolfofEatStreet), a self-professed eating enthusiast, and I’ve just completed day three of my five state tour of the country’s toughest food challenges — courtesy of the guys at Menulog.

Ever since I found out my next trial would be at Slice Pizza and Pasta in Brisbane, I’ve been drooling at the prospect. The Italian’s have created some beautiful things, but none so poetic as the marriage of tomato, cheese, bread and toppings.

Of course, I knew it was going to be tough, but a gigantic pizza is an offer I can’t refuse.

The Task

If you think you’ve eaten some big pizzas in your time, think again. The maestros at Slice served up a 36-slice behemoth that would give the circumference of Sicily a run for its money. With only half an hour of given to finish it, there was barely enough time to say Mamma Mia.

The bottom line

This juggernaut of a pizza was brought, the nerves kicked in – only 11 people have completed this challenge since 2005… oh yeh, did I mention it’s actually a 2 person challenge? But this time I’d be rolling solo!

Seeing this against a “large” pizza was something out of a fictional tale… It was literally bigger than the table it was placed on.

I began the challenge choosing ½ combo of Hawaiian and the other ½ Pepperoni. Powering through the first half my stomach began to realise that this was a whole lot of dough! ¾ through and the pizza began to punch back – but was I able to slip the haymaker and successfully complete this task?

Ducking and weaving the punches this juggernaut laid out, with the base now finished and only ⅓ of the toppings to go, the pizza landed the final punch, knocking me out and conceding to the challenge.

Slice, you got me, well done! but as famous last words “I’ll be back!”.

The Slice challenge was possibly the toughest yet, but didn’t fail to impress!

And if you’re keen for your own pizza the action with a buddy, click the link below:

Take on the challenge ›

See you at Thailicious in Perth for a super spicy curry on Monday!

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