The wait is over…here are Australia’s Ultimate Food Tasks!

The wait is over…here are Australia’s Ultimate Food Tasks!

Menulog has been searching the nation for the extreme foodie- someone with a bottomless appetite, immeasurable love for food and has a pair of stretchy pants. The hungry Aussie will be flown around the nation smashing one unbelievable meal in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. So if you are wondering, “What are these crazy food challenges they will have to do?” Wonder no more! Here are the five epic food challenges that map out the Ultimate Food Tasker’s path to eternal glory.

Mega Pizza Challenge at Slice Pizza & Pasta, Brisbane, QLD

All the Ultimate Food Tasker has to do is finish a pizza. That doesn’t seem too hard, does it? Oh wait, we should probably mention it has 36 slices…and it’s a 60cm pizza…and they have just 30 minutes to finish it. Easy right? In the six years this event has been running, a mere 10 people have defeated this monster challenge. To aid this remarkable quest they get to choose their toppings, but either way they must strive to devour quite a lot of doughy goodness!

Five-patty burger at Misty’s Diner, Melbourne, VIC

We all love a good ol’ fashioned burger. Well, how about five of them? The Ultimate Food Tasker will have only 14 minutes to demolish the 5 burgers, 5 slices of cheese, 5 slices of crispy bacon, 3 buns and a crazy amount of mayo and BBQ sauce. PLUS a ½ order of their choice of fries. Just reading that makes you feel full. If the Ultimate Food Tasker is triumphant, they will be rewarded with their very own Burger Challenge T-shirt absolutely FREE. Also, they will earn a place on the wall of fame, where everyone can bask in their glory. The cherry on top is that the Ultimate Food Tasker also gets a refreshing Coke. This challenge really is the whole package.

1KG Burrito at Burrito Mexican Cantina, Sydney, NSW

Get ready to witness the ultimate Mexican stand-off. On one side we have the Ultimate Food Tasker, with an iron-stomach, fierce determination and never-ceasing hunger. On the other side we have a Jumbo Burrito, stuffed to the brim with meat, fillings and more, weighing in at a whopping 1KG. The Ultimate Food Tasker must tackle hot jalapenos and their choice of abundant juicy meat and salad. Tension will be high during the stand-off, only one can win.

Supersized Schnitzel at Schnithouse, Adelaide, SA

In under 45 minutes the Ultimate Food Tasker must eat a delicious chicken schnitzel. Easy. Hold on…you didn’t think that was it?! It’s not called the Ultimate Food Task for nothing. Not only is this schnitzel massive (weighing 1KG), the Ultimate Food Tasker must devour the entire side of fries AND drink 1 litre of soda or beer. If they conquer this feat, their prize awaits at the finish line. They get a cap, a mention on the wall of fame as well as a delightful dessert (hopefully they can fit it in their stomach, who would want to turn down free food?!).

Too Hot To Handle at Thailicious, Perth, WA

Not all these challenges are a battle of volume. This one is a test of spice. If the title of the challenge doesn’t give it away, this spicy curry is insanely hot and is not for the faint-hearted. The curry has been supercharged especially for this challenge, and will definitely push the Ultimate Food Tasker’s taste buds to the limit. They must have a fire in their belly to succeed, for this challenge definitely turns up the heat.

Whether these challenges excite or scare you, get ready to witness the Ultimate Food Tasker’s journey to eternal glory! The hungry Aussie will commence their quest on Monday 26 March 2018. So stay tuned and get ready to watch this journey of determination and cheer on the Ultimate Food Tasker!

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