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4 Blogger Tips for Ordering Healthy Takeaway

Health kicks are the quintessential New Year’s Resolution, so it’s lucky that we do healthy food delivery all year round.

Unfortunately, these health kicks tend to last a week or two into January, just like the “be less stressed” and “stop buying things you don’t need” resolutions.

The good news? Healthier eating isn’t as overwhelming as you think it is, and small changes can make a big difference.

We asked four healthy lifestyle bloggers to show you how to order healthy takeaway online—without compromising on taste. These slight adjustments can turn your usual order into healthy food delivery to keep you on track.

via David Saddler
via David Saddler

Tip 1

Lisa Pentony – Pilates by Lisa

“Thick crust pizzas and toppings like cheese, bacon and pepperoni are not a wise choice if you are looking after your health and your waistline.

Additionally, rich, creamy pasta sauces are off the menu due to their heavy calorie count, even though they are delicious! Another thing to watch is portion size, as too much refined white flour is not good for your gut health, your weight and will leave you feeling bloated for hours!

Choose thin crust pizzas with lots of veggies or tomato-based pasta sauces such as Bolognese, Napoletana and Marina. If salad is an option this is a great choice, just be wary of the dressing, if it’s anything other than olive oil ask for it on the side.

Some restaurants offer lean steak, chicken and veal options with vegetables which is my choice!”

via Mabel Lu
via Mabel Lu

Tip 2

Jenny Wright – Hello Great Health

“Serve up your food and then take your food to your seat/table/picnic blanket.”

If you eat straight out of the containers standing up and talking you have no real idea how much food you are consuming and are more inclined to overeat.”

via Wendell
via Wendell

Tip 3

Gabrielle Maston – Changing Shape

“Reduce your fat and energy intake when eating out by requesting sauces on the side. Often creamy white sauces and mayonnaise can unknowingly pack a huge calorie punch, which can undo your best intentions.”

Choose simpler dishes made with herbs, vinaigrettes, or lemon dressings.  Often these types of dishes offer a variety of flavours that are much more refreshing and subtle. Your best choices are soups and salads, grilled fish, chicken or meats with salad on the side.”

via Dayna McIsaac
via Dayna McIsaac

Tip 4

Sally Symonds – Healthy Life Mentor

“Manage Your Extras. Even though you are not actually doing the cooking and preparing of your meal, there are many ways you can still manage how the meal is presented to you.”

Rather than ordering the dish as a whole, or the ‘sum of all parts’, don’t be shy about ordering some of it ‘in parts’ where possible.  For example, when you are ordering takeaway, always order your sauces and your dressings on the side.  The majority of takeaway places are well equipped with jars and other containers to do this, and often do anyway with salad dressing.  Who likes a soggy salad huh?

You can also do this for a range of other main meal dishes.  If you order your sauces and dressings on the side, you can control exactly how much you consume.

If you prefer, you can add your own seasonings instead.  A squeeze of lemon, a handful of fresh or dried herbs and some cracked black pepper are all easy, tasty ways to boost the flavour of your food without compromising its health factor.”

via Michelle Dyer
via Michelle Dyer

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