What Australians Want For Christmas

What Australians Want For Christmas

We have gone through THOUSANDS of your Christmas wishes this week.

With requests for everything from engagement rings to Batman socks, we picked out some of our funny favourites:

  • A Christmas sweater for my guinea pig, Romeo
  • Golden snitch
  • Remote control egg timer (because to succeed at egg, you must first gain control)
  • Two goldfish called James and Mitchell
  • 30 anchovies and a handful of olives
  • Handwritten letter from Mila Kunis
  • Diamond encrusted pizza
  • A sensor spy cam to catch my flatmates stealing my stuff
  • A rat, with a top hat and cane (no jacket – it would not like the jacket due to the current weather)
  • A new mobile as my husband accidentally ran it over with the mower
  • How small can you make a hot man?
  • A baby chicken (I will raise this chicken into a space chicken – a heroic space explorer)
  • $5,000 and a cheese naan
  • A small framed picture of Nicholas Cage from the movie Con Air when he finally gets off the plane
  • Delightful sexy vegetables
  • A big arse block of haloumi, because cheese
  • A letter of offer for a role on Neighbours

Be careful what you wish for, Australia…

It might just turn up at your door!

Every order you make on the Menulog app gets you a wish, so download for dinner tonight. Watch the video below for more info 🙂

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