Can You Eat Chocolate for a Whole Day?

Can You Eat Chocolate for a Whole Day?

Forget about denying your tastebuds a velvety mouthgasm, we are giving you permission – nay blatantly encouraging you – to fulfil every chocolate desire to your heart’s content. Want to know why? WORLD CHOCOLATE DAY!

Now don’t be so cynical, World Chocolate Day on 7 July is a real day. On this auspicious occasion, you can summon your inner Augustus Gloop and dive (figuratively speaking) into a cocoa river of endless courses, each more exciting, more inventive, more laden with decadent chocolate-y tidbits…

(Okay, breathe)

Let’s take it up a notch. It would be too simple to just eat a piece of chocolate on the day, that wouldn’t be so much fun, and frankly a little insulting to the emotionally fragile cocoa bean. So, here’s the challenge we’re setting for you: Design your ultimate chocolate eating spree. Imagine the possibilities!

However, as with every challenge, there are rules – but don’t worry there are only two rules.

  1. Every course – breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks) must include at least one chocolate dish
  2. Your day must include at least one ‘wacky’ chocolate dish.

Here’s where you can be inventive, think outside the (chocolate) square and indulge in something new. Ditch your regular, boring toast and try the vegan Berry Chocolate Toast, gluten free and topped with almond butter, cacao and agave syrup from Back2Nature Healthfoods. Morning tea can mean a piece of delectable choclava from Jasmine 1 Lebanese. By lunch, dig into a decadent bowl of crunchy chocolate nachos from Cioccolato Dessert Restaurant… drool!

For those pizza fans out there (who are we kidding? Everyone loves pizza), a piping hot chocolate pizza, topped with pistachios and vanilla ice-cream from Pizza e Vino is the perfect dinner for World Chocolate Day. Matched with a side of chocolate harumaki (spring rolls) from Ichi Ichi Ku Izakaya and you have a well-rounded meal.

Look, whatever you decided to devour, even if it’s a chocolate grasshopper (relax, it’s a milkshake), we’re confident you’ll fondue next must-have chocolate fix for when this epic 24 hour period winds up.

Rest assured, however, that we won’t hold it against you if every day suddenly becomes chocolate day. There are just too many temptations on Menulog to sample. Here’s a thought, why not make it your mission to find every single chocolate dish on offer? You might just uncover the Golden Ticket and win a chocolate factory! (N.B There is not Golden Ticket and no factory to be won).

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