Father’s Day Feeds

Father’s Day Feeds

In millennia gone by, specifically when man (or woman) first discovered that eating antelope cooked was more delicious than raw, a startling discovery was made: The way to a man’s heart was through his stomach.

Ancient transcripts have revealed that early conversations went a little like this:

Early man: “Hungry”
Early woman: “I cook”
Early man: “Food good. I love you”

Now we aren’t calling the marvellous men in our lives cave men, but even with all the modern advancements, food is the sure-fire way to bring happiness. Trust us when we say that on Father’s Day this Sunday, a new pair of socks just won’t cut it.

So as we prepare to celebrate this Day for Dads, we’ve found some fabulous feeds that are paired perfectly with your papa’s personality. (Try saying that 3 times)

Fit Dad

He’s up at 5am for his 5km run and two hour gym sesh, and now needs a protein-packed breakfast to make sure his biceps get the right fuel to grow. Poached eggs, protein pancakes, lean turkey streaks, wilted spinach, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms are all perfect for recovery – and a full stomach. Paired with a chocolate-peanut butter-banana smoothie and he’ll be smiling all day. He might even have time for a second gym visit in the afternoon…

Fast Food Dad

Weekends, and especially Father’s Day, is for fast, high calorie, loosen-the-top button type of feeds. For this dad, there’s no such thing as too much. Fat sausages, bacon, fried eggs, lashing of butter on toast, Hollandaise sauce, hash browns and baked beans, and you’ve got a winning big breakfast. All washed down with an icy-cold iced coffee (at least 650ml, thank you) and he’ll be too full to move from the couch for a few hours (which is the perfect Sunday after all).

Dapper Dad

It may be Father’s Day, but he’s ridden down to the local Growers Market and filled his canvas tote with fresh kale, freshly laid organic eggs, hand-churned butter, artisan goats cheese and single origin coffee beans. Oh, and don’t forget the wood-fired sourdough. His idea of the perfect brunch is to indulge in ethically-sourced local produce made by the hands of his kindred spirits. Tucking into an avocado smoothie and poke bowl provides all the endorphins he needs to keep him in an optimum mood for, what he calls, Non-gender Specific Carer of Offspring Day.

Carnivore Dad

The steaks have been marinating overnight, the gas bottle for the Weber is ready to go and the snags are ready to sizzle. For this dad, his wish for the extra large meat tray came true, and it’s time for Carnivore’s Day. Forget the salmon, this guy has been ready to fire up the barbie all week, all set with his ‘kiss the cook’ apron on, stubby holder and extra-long tongs. Hamburger patties, steaks, thin and thick sausages, lamb kebabs, ribs, cutlets, t-bones – BRING IT ON! If you want to keep this dad happy in his day, just make sure you don’t mention the word ‘salad.’

So whichever ‘Dad’ you have at home, the way to make him happy is to ditch the car-care kit he gets every year and fill his tum with the scrumptious nosh that’ll keep him content the whole day long. Here’s cheers to dads!

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