Homemade Memorial Day Hamburger Picnic with Chips and Fruit

Feast For The Fourth

Star spangled sanga? Yankee noodles? No, no no, the 4th of July needs to be celebrated the American way, with ribs, burgers, wings, barbeque, fried chicken and of course, APPLE PIE!

Now we all know that Independence Day marks a very important event in the history of the United States, but it’s a very important day to recognise all the deliciousness one can devour as well.

So in honour of all things stars and stripes, we thought we’d help you create a USA themed Feast.
(N.B This can be a feast for one, no judgement here!)

The Umpteenth Sides (&) Appetiser Feast

We all know, there are no ‘main’ courses at party, and the best way to eat is to have many, many dishes all piled high on a communal table to be grazed on for many a hour. For our purposes, we are calling these umpteenth plates, ‘Sides’ and ‘Appetisers’. It is important to note here that any dish can be classified as thus, and the more variety, the better.

Carne’and get it!

No Fourth of July celebration is complete without red meat, and Americans know a thing or two about cooking it, and eating it. Probably the most famous of these meat dishes is the burger! Think juicy patties, melted cheese, soft buns… Check out Down N’ Out  if you’re hankering for American-style burgs.

Succulent ribs are hard to resist when smothered with lashings of sticky, sweet barbeque sauce. Whether you prefer beef or pork, you can sample these moreish meats at The American Bistro at Ciciliano’s.

And for more BBQ than you can poke a pair of tongs at, Taste of Texas BBQ can create a cook up that’s as big as, well, Texas.

Even if you’re a cat lover, hot dogs won’t discriminate. Loaded with onions, cheese, ketchup and heaps of other toppings, the beauty of this fave is that it can be munched one-handed, leaving your other hand free for a cold brewski.

Check out Paesano’s Pizzeria with Double Dogs

Don’t cry fowl

If red-meat isn’t your thing, there are heaps of chicken choices, from fried, grilled and in salads to help you achieve your American dream.

At Third Wave, diners have described their chicken as the “best they’d ever had.” You be the judge.

And when you just can’t decide, then just wing it! Despite being called Buffalo Wings, we can assure you they come from a bird.

Try Miss Kitty’s Saloon for that authentic American flavour.

You can make friends with salad

Some seem to believe that if there’s no potato salad, then it’s not a Fourth of July party! Don’t underestimate the power of the spud salad or the great American classic coleslaw to get things well and truly started. Chargrilled corn on the cob, bbq beans, collard greens – all these veggies are utterly delicious, and keep your vegetarian friends happy! Deen Street BBQ and Pizza can hook you up with these must-have salads and other tasty tidbits.

Sweet endings

On this very important day, there is no such thing as ‘no room for dessert’. I mean how can you turn down apple pie? There’s nothing that’s more American! Topped with vanilla ice-cream, and it’s close to the most perfect dessert. Park 7 Diner  has a tempting selection of pies, all baked in-house. Dizzy Dukes Bar and Grill also offers a range of treats such as pecan pie, mud cake, key lime pie and a brownie sundae that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

And, if you still find yourself hungry, there’s always pizza.

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