Food EventsPosted on 23.11.2018

The 12 Dishes of Christmas

How good is Christmas Day food, you guys? Whether you’re a sucker for tradition (read: turkey, ham, roast everything), or you opt for the Aussie way (read: prawns, oysters galore), it’s the feast of the year and man do we look forward to it.

Check our list of top 12 almost-traditional dishes that the Menulog team will be enjoying this Christmas.


Naturally, turkey is first off the mark, because tradition. This year we’re upping our turkey game and ordering the famous cordon bleu – veal stuffed with turkey breast and cheese, oh my!

Get cordon bleu here: Kirribilli Meat & Schnitzel Kitchen, Kirribilli, NSW


Hot vs cold Chrissie lunch? It doesn’t matter because the debate is done. Both win, the end.

Get wild Australian prawns here: Seafood Creations, Essendon, VIC


Can’t get your hands on a turkey? Why don’t you spice things up and order Portuguese chicken this Christmas?

Get a whole Portuguese flat chicken here: Gloria’s Portuguese Cuisine and Tapas, Petersham, NSW

Lamb Chops

Aussie AND traditional, lamb chops are a great sharing food, and there’s no better day to enjoy them than with your family and friends.

Get Greek style lamb here: Greek Feast, Bondi, NSW

Grilled Australian Snapper

Essential if you’re enjoying celebrating Chrissie over a seafood lunch, grilled Australian snapper is a perfect accompaniment to prawns, and honestly what better way to enjoy Christmas the Aussie way!

Get grilled Australian snapper here: Mortlake Ocean Food, Concord, NSW

Roast Pork

Get some pork on your fork this Christmas. But don’t stop at just the pork, dive into all the trimmings, like roast tatters, gravy and apple sauce.

Get pork here: Hog’s Breath Cafe, Eaton, WA

Pear and Blue Cheese Salad

Look, salad will always haunt you, so this Christmas, why don’t you get one that you will actually enjoy (that ticks all the boxes when it comes to your daily fruit and vegetable intake)?


Get a delicious salad here: Hill’s Gourmet Pizza, Northmead, NSW

Asian Chicken Salad

One more salad, cause you gotta show your grandma you look after yourself. Asian salads are arguably the most enjoyable salads because they are flavour city.

Get an Asian salad here: Chilli Jam Thai, Concord, NSW


Pav is an evergreen Christmas dish – it’s the perfect way to end a meal.

Get a delicious pavlova here: GJ’s Takeaway Cafe, Waterford West, QLD

Lamington Pizza

And you thought this list wouldn’t include pizza! Sorry, we had no choice, we were just too excited to try lamington pizza this year.

Get a lamington pizza here: Luigi’s Pizza Bar, North Ryde, NSW

Cheese Platter

The only way to kick-off the day, an excellent cheese platter goes down a treat with a cold glass of vino, before the real action gets started.

Get an Australian cheese platter here: Salt, Meats, Cheese, Drummoyne, NSW

If you’ve been keeping count, there’s one more to go. So, for number 12… YOU DECIDE!