Food EventsPosted on 31.10.2019

Hallo-Weekend - Thrills, Chills and Menulog Meals

It’s the creepiest, freakiest time of the year again - yep boys and ghouls it’s Halloween! Yet this year, this fang-tastic day falls on a Thursday (boo). Unfortunately, not the best night for a Halloween party, since most people have work or school the next day. But never fear, we are extending the Halloween fun into the weekend with some tricks and treats. 

Halloween - a time where people can dress up, eat an un-boo-lievable amount of candy and get free treats by simply knocking on someone’s door - what’s not to love! Halloween fever is catching on down under with 4.35 million Aussies saying they are celebrating Halloween now more than they did five years ago*. 

One of the best things about Halloween is the ‘trick or treating’. A quarter of Aussies celebrating Halloween like the ‘trick or treating’ element and three in ten Aussies (that’s 5.75 million Australians!) have been ‘trick or treating’ in their life. And while most of us get into the spooky spirit and give a trick or treat to the ‘trick or treaters’, almost a quarter (24 per cent) of us seem to be scaredy cats and will hide and pretend they are not home! (#ghosted). 



Most of the time, this holiday falls on a weeknight, so many of us opt in for a fright-night in. The number of Aussies choosing to order in during Spooktober has increased by 12% year on year. On Menulog, the top three cheap and delicious spook-tacular meals Aussies indulged in ahead of Halloween last year were fried rice, chicken nuggets and KFC’s Wicked Wings. 

Halloween is on a weeknight this year, but don’t be frightened! We have a trick up our sleeve to make sure this Halloween is still wickedly fun! We are teaming up with KFC to bring the Halloween fun to you! We’ll keep you in suspense for a bit longer, but stay tuned for a fa-boo-lous twist coming to ‘trick or treating’ (so order in KFC...if you dare 😉).




Did you know the Zinger Box is the most popular KFC menu item for Menulog delivery across Australia? It was also the most popular item during Halloween last year! So it seems Aussies love to tame their monstrous hunger with some KFC piping hot straight out of the cauldron. Yet not all states love their KFC the same...

Halloween is boo-ming in New South Wales (NSW) with over a quarter of people celebrating it more now than they did five years ago. In Victoria, almost a fifth have gone ‘trick or treating’. Menulog data reveals NSW residents are the nation’s biggest KFC delivery fans, placing over a third of all national orders over the last six months. For NSW and Canberra, it appears to be love at first bite with Wicked Wings being their most popular KFC item. Whereas, those in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia love to sink their fangs into the Zinger Box from KFC. 



Although most of us may have sadly outgrown the beloved ‘trick or treating’, there's always Halloween fun to be had! So as October 31st rolls around get ready to trick or treat yo’ self and order in a wickedly delicious home delivered meal.


*All statistics/data from YouGov Galaxy

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