Food EventsPosted on 08.06.2018

Be the Real MVP with these World Cup Snack Hacks

After long a four year wait, World Cup fever is officially in full swing. That’s right, it’s almost time for our Socceroos to shine bright like a diamond and for Ronaldo to kick 12 goals, blindfolded and with his hands behind his back.

This year’s host country is Russia, meaning the time zone difference is not only not horrible, but actually doable – we’re talking Socceroo kick-offs between dinner and midnight snack time. Perfect!

Take a little inspiration from the ultimate authorities on TV sport snacking, and go full Super Bowl with these delicious indulgences:

Wings and Ribs

Few things are made for each other quite like working through a succulent plate of wings (or a rack of ribs) while yelling at the TV. Just don’t forget to have those wet wipes on hand, lest you miss a crucial second of the game.

For the best wings and ribs going around, check out these spots in your state:

Supreme Pizza

The ultimate crowd-pleaser, nothing goes down quite like a piping hot slice of Supreme pizza and a crisp, cold beer.

Our reccos for the top pizza spots in your state:

Burger and Chips

Watching the game solo? It’s hard to beat a succulent burger and a side of crispy golden chips, are we right?

Check out the top-rated burger spots in your state:

Or, maybe your snack game is less comfort food and a little more light’n’ healthy. After all, you need those arteries to stay good and strong til *at least* June 26…a few protips:

Pita and Hummus

Get in those complex carbs and a good dose of protein with this delicious little snack, and if you’re a little more hungry than flatbread and dip level, add a serving of kalamata olives for a healthy, Middle Eastern-style grazing session.

Summer Rolls

This Vietnamese roll, packed full of pork, prawns, rice, and raw veggies is the ideal deep-fried-free snack.

Our fave Vietnamese spots in your state:


Everyone loves a taco, and they’re a great (relatively) guilt-free snack for game time.

Here are our most popular Mexican spots:


Rarely is a healthy snack so delicious that it reaches more-ish levels. Edamame (soybeans that are harvested before ripening) are gluten free, cholesterol free, low in calories and are a great source of iron, protein and calcium, among other minerals and vitamins.

To order the ultimate no-brainer snack, check out the best Japanese spot in your state:

Whether you’re ordering from our list of reccos, or you’re down to do your own thing, jump over to Menulog and get the perfect World Cup meal delivered to your door hot and fresh, just in time for kick-off.

Check below for the all-important Socceroo game times, here for the complete World Cup schedule and live stream all the action here 

Saturday June 16 from 7pm (kick-off 8pm): France v Australia LIVE

Thursday June 21 from 9pm (kick-off 10pm): Denmark v Australia LIVE

Tuesday June 26 from 11pm (kick-off 12am): Australia v Peru LIVE

Wednesday July 11: Semi Finals

Saturday July 14: Playoffs

Sunday 15th: World Cup Final

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