Food EventsPosted on 28.10.2016

Spicy Dishes to Celebrate Halloween

Did you know that the colours of Halloween — orange and black — are actually symbolic? Orange signifies autumn’s changing leaves, while black represents death (dark, we know). On a lighter note! Here are some dishes that come with all the creativity and spice (lots of spice) to help you get in that festive Halloween mood! 

Pad Kee Mao

Pad kee mao, chilli basil noodles, drunken noodles…call this dish whatever you like, we just want it in our collective tummy. This Chinese-inspired Thai noodle dish is full of chilli and holy basil and is definitely the next step for pad Thai lovers looking for a little extra kick.

Get it here: Siam Basil Thai, Dandenong, VIC

Beef Vindaloo

Looking for something with a fiery reputation? Well then, vindaloo is for you! It’s one of the spiciest dishes featured on Indian menus. It’s also one of the tastiest, made from a garlic wine vinegar marinade with plenty of spice.

Get it here: Spicy Pan Indian Cuisine, Eaton, WA

Chilli Prawn Spook-ghetti

Sorry about that, just couldn’t help ourselves…Anyway! Prawns + chilli + spaghetti = sign us up. Immediately. Not much else to say, really. 

Get it here: Hari Chillies, Ashgrove, QLD

Ayam Penyet Lengkap

We all know how good chicken is. And how good it pairs with spice. This spicy fried chicken dish originates from Java, Indonesia, and is cooked in spicy hot sambal sauce. Only the brave for this one, only the brave.

Get it here: Martabak Cafe Australia, Ultimo, NSW

Boo-ritos with Hot Sauce

Literally just ask for extra hot sauce with your burrito. It’s that simple, my friend. 

Get it here: Cha Chi’s Mexican Cantina, Glenunga, SA 

Chongqing Beef Brisket

This Chinese dish is legendary, but definitely not for the faint-hearted. For real. Pro tip: have a glass of milk on standby, you know, just in case.

Get it here: 2 Yummy BBQ Noodle, Belconnen, ACT