Food EventsPosted on 05.02.2018

World Nutella Day

Mark your cals, people, because Monday February 5th is World Nutella Day! That’s a go on literally anything Nutella for a full, judgement-free 24 hours. And with that, here’s a little inspiration so you can plan your day right.

Italian Doughnuts

You’ve probably googled ‘how to make donuts’ at least once in your life, and realising the time commitment, you’ve probably closed your browser tab faster than Nonna can dish up seconds. But fear not, your local Italian joint has the hard yards covered. For the love of all that is hole-y, they even come with a glorious Nutella dipping sauce!

Order Italian donuts from The Last Piece Italian Restaurant, Mulgrave, VIC

Nutella Cheesecake

If the sight of lemon cheesecake, New York cheesecake or no-bake cheesecake takes you to your happy place, then this cheesecake will take you straight to those pearly gates. Fear not, folks! It’s only a temporary trip — you’ll be floating back down to real life with a special smile on your face.

Order from Siderno Gourmet, Narellan, NSW

Nutella Pizza

A twist on the good old classic pizza is something that should be taken with caution for fear of incurring wrath from the food gods. Thankfully, a dessert pizza smothered in our favourite melted chocolate and strawberries is a welcomed peace offering.

Order from Romana’s Italian Restaurant, Nobby Beach, QLD

Nutella Crepe

The french have made this bad boy into an art form. It’s arguably our favourite dish on this list and we stand firm in the belief that you just can’t have too many of these guys. Just try.

Order from Cloud9 Gelato, Newtown, NSW

Banana and Nutella Waffles

When you’re trying to be healthy but you’re battling those sugar cravings, we have just the thing. If you’re a lover of Belgian waffles, why not have the best of both worlds and order waffles with banana AND Nutella!

Order from Cold Rock, Springwood, QLD