Food FactsPosted on 19.10.2017

Food Pronunciation Fails

Is there anything more embarrassing than reciting your order to restaurant waitstaff only to have them correct your pronunciation? That’s why ordering food delivery online is the best. You don’t have to even think about saying the words out aloud. But, just in case you’ve wondered…


We’ll start with an easy one. This word might look like it’s pronounced “Quin-ow-a” but that’s not the case. “Keen-wah” is the real way to pronounce it, and yes, this food is just as trendy as it sounds! You may have seen quinoa popping up in salads and buddha bowls with delish good things like avocado and chicken, but did you know that quinoa toast is now a thing?

Order quinoa dishes from NU Healthy Cafe, Liverpool, NSW


With all the pasta and risotto you eat, you’d think your Italiano was down pat. Don’t be fooled, because chances are you aren’t pronouncing bruschetta correctly. It’s a simple fix, just picture yourself in an apron and pizza hat then repeat after us: “broo-sket-ah”.

Order bruschetta from Vapiano, Brisbane, QLD


Those Instagram-worthy acai bowls you’re seeing everywhere? You’ve probably been saying that wrong, cos it’s pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”. Ordering an acai berry smoothie is a good idea, but if you really want to be on top of your foodie game, get it in a smoothie bowl so you don’t miss out on those tasty granola and fruit toppings. It’s a game changer.

Order an acai bowl on Menulog: Café in Tokyo, Calamvale, QLD


You all know how delish Vietnamese food is. Your local Vietnamese restaurant has a pho-nomenal pho recipe and the best fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. What you probably don’t know (and trust us, you’re not alone) is that it’s pronounced “fuh”. So, before you ask your mates if they want you to order them a pho, practice saying it the right way half a dozen times to get it rolling off your tongue like a local in no time.

Order pho from Pho n Roll – Richmond, Richmond, VIC

Nicoise Salad

Potato salad and pasta salad are all well and good but you just can’t go past the healthy French “ni-swaz” salad. You’ll probably feel a bit posh when you first say it – just picture yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower before you put on your best French accent. This salad recipe is full of healthy things like tuna, lettuce, tomato and egg, so you shouldn’t feel guilty when you order that delish pastry for dessert.

Order nicoise salad from Bar Cortona, Homebush, NSW