Food FactsPosted on 27.12.2017

2017 Foodie Highlights

2017 was another great one for the foodie in us all. It was a year of being healthy and a lil bit naughty. Filled with fun, crazy and gourmet dishes from freakshakes and tumeric lattes, to coffee served in avocados and everything in between. We couldn’t get enough of some, while others had us wondering if they were created just for the ‘gram…So, let’s take a look back at the year that’s gone, as we count down the days before we start tasting some new trends.

Acai Bowl

A fruit bowl is great, but acai is where it’s at. Think: smoothie bowl. The hardest part is choosing your fave fruits to top of that work of art. If you’re still sitting here wondering ‘what is acai’, then hurry and get ordering – you still have time to taste 2017’s best food trend. This one is staying for good!

Order an acai bowl from Acai Brothers, Manly, NSW

Smashed Avo

Smashed avo could almost become our national food icon after this whirlwind of a year. It’s actually a good cure for when you’re feeling smashed after the silly season. Think avocado toast, avo and egg, and of course – avocado and feta smash. But really, it’s smashed avo… need we say more?

Order smashed avo from Maple Cafe, Stafford, QLD


At last, the delish and insta-worthy Hawaiian poke made its way to our shores. There isn’t much not to love about poke thanks to the super fresh sashimi, tasty rice, crunchy and colourful salad, and tasty refreshing dressing of yuzu and orange. Yum!

Order a poke bowl from Salon De Sushi, South Melbourne, VIC

Buddha Bowl

When we look back at the history books, 2017 will be marked as the year of tasty bowls. This veggie bowl is filled with goodies like fried tofu, edamame, cucumber, seaweed, avo and all that good stuff. Stay ahead of the curve and try a vegan buddha bowl next, vegan food is going to be on the agenda even more in 2018.

Order a buddha bowl from Momoya, Camberwell, VIC

Nutella Cheesecake

Nutella sure made its comeback from back in the day this year. From Nutella cake, Nutella brownies and noms drizzled in Nutella, Nutella recipes have been on everyone’s mind. Make sure you get your fix with a nutella cheesecake that’s super silky, extra creamy, and very decadent-y.

Order nutella cheesecake from Made in Italy Rose Bay, Rose Bay, NSW