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How Chips Obsessed Is Your State?

We all love good food (duh). But one thing Aussies seem to absolutely looove are some good ol’ fashioned hot chippies. Did you know Aussies order more than 3.5 MILLION servings of hot chips per week on Menulog? And almost a quarter of all Aussies say hot chips are their absolute favourite food smell. If that doesn’t convince you that Aussies are chip in 10 guard their chips with their life! (we promise we’re not making this up). 

While our love for hot chips unites us all, each state has a unique relation-chip with this classic snack (sorry we couldn’t help ourselves with that pun 🤷). So how chips obsessed is your state?


New South Welshmen have some umm...unique habits when they’re hungry. One in five residents has admitted that they have physically drooled when looking at photos of chips on Instagram*. On top of this, they are most likely to guard their chips with their life, compared to the other states. So word of caution: don’t stand between NSW and their chips!

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The Victorians are also chip obsessed, as over a quarter of the state claim hot chips are their favourite food smell. There’s just something about hot chips and drooling it seems, as Victorians are most likely to have their mouth water instantly after smelling hot chips with almost half (46%) the state admitting to this. 

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You would think Queenslanders, with their sunny beaches and coastline, would be the most worried about seagulls swooping and stealing their chips. But as it turns out, the relaxed attitude of the Queenslanders has seeped into their eating habits as they are actually the least concerned about this with only 13% listing it as a concern when smelling hot chips. 

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South Australians are the nostalgic state, with residents most likely to connect smelling hot chips with good memories from the past. These fond memories of chips make South Australians crave them as they are the most likely to eat someone else’s leftover hot chips because they can’t resist the smell!

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Western Australians love to share, with almost half (44%) saying they would share their hot chips with a mate. But be wary if they offer you a chip as they are most likely to season their chips till death - without asking anyone before they do it! 

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Canberrans don’t shy away from seasoning when it comes to hot chips, with their top hot chip shop serving up mouthwatering burgers and crispy chips outside of an old mechanic’s garage. 

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It’s a whole other type of climate in Tassie, with Tasmanians loving their chips piping hot. The appetising smell from a packet of fresh hot chips is irresistible to most! And it makes the cool winds much more bearable for Tasmanians. 


Up in the Northern Territory, they also share the love for a variety of chips. Whether they are small crispy chippies or long soft chips or chips with a little seasoning to drenched in salt, they too are chip obsessed.

We think it’s safe to say, no matter what state you’re in - Aussies love hot chips. Almost 1.5 million Aussies have gone so far when feeling hungry, that they have asked a stranger for a hot chip because they can’t resist the smell. And honestly, no judgement here as we would totally do the same. 

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* all statistics from YouGov Galaxy Report

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