Food FactsPosted on 01.11.2019

What Are People Ordering In Around The World?

Food is exciting. There are different cuisines, dishes, tastes and textures from all around the globe. Spicy curries, tasty pad thais, cheesy pizzas and juicy burgers - just to name a few of the dishes you can order from the comfort of your home! 

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what people from around the world order in, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. If you thought the French would order in a hearty coq au vin or cassoulet or the Spanish enjoy superb seafood paella or traditional roasts as a takeaway favourite, think again! 

The weird and wonderful world of food shows that countries around the globe, have an adventurous spirit and are willing to try new and exciting food from cuisines that are outside of their own.*   



Bienvenue to France! It seems the French love Italian with pizza being their top cuisine to order in! Nevertheless, France still loves to add its own twist to some dishes with the trend of French tacos prominent in their ordering habits. Bon appétit!


Next stop, the land of fiestas. Dine-in like the Spanish locals and enjoy their number one cuisine - Chinese. Spain’s top takeaway dish is the classic spring roll. However, the Spanish remain true to their love of colourful flavours with Hawaiian Poke bowls being an up and coming trend!


Interestingly, the Irish share their love of Chinese food and poke bowls with the Spanish. Last year there was a 156% increase in poke bowls orders! The Monday morning guilt appears to be universal, with Mondays being the most popular day to order healthy lunch. 


Off to country number quattro. Well, there are no surprises here, the Italians love their pizza, as it's their number one cuisine to order in. So transport yourself to the sunny Amalfi Coast or scenic Rome with a classic Margherita pizza topped with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil



The Swiss have a craving for Asian food, with it being the second most ordered cuisine and sushi being the third. When the weather turns sour, Switzerland’s inner couch potato awakens as rainy Sundays are one of the most popular days to order in and it’s probably a pizza with Italian food being the most popular food #canrelate. 



Over in the Great White North, it seems burgers are the most popular menu item. Other than juicy burgers, Canadians love a hearty dish to warm up their cold nights with Butter Chicken as one of their top dishes to order in.  


Mexicans like to stay faithful to their own culinary traditions with  Mexican cuisine being the number one cuisine to order in! So enjoy a Mexican fiesta like the locals and order in a range of delicious dishes such as tacos, nachos, enchiladas and all the sides like salsa and of course guac!

Now that you’ve had a glimpse into the ordering habits of those around the about us Aussies?  


Australians love the classic food on-the-go with pizza, burgers and kebab coming in as the most ordered cuisines. It seems however that Aussies can’t go past the beloved chicken parmi and traditional fish and chips -  both being popular dishes. ‘Staying in’ is definitely the new ‘going out’ as the top 19 days with the highest volume of orders have all been Fridays!

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*Findings from Just Eat data

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