Food FactsPosted on 19.01.2016

How to Protein-Pack Your Takeaway

Protein — what’s it good for? Quite a lot!

  • Reducing cravings and helps you feel fuller for longer (hoorah!)
  • Preserving muscle mass during weight loss
  • Tissue maintenance and repair
  • Aiding with boosting metabolism
  • Helping to keep blood pressure in check

How do you make protein-friendly choices when ordering in? Here’s a quick rundown to help you along the way.


Seafood is packed with protein and contains considerably less fat than you might find in other sources of animal protein.

The best choices? Oily fish like salmon, sardines, and trout are all high in Omega-3 and contain multiple vitamins and minerals.

Grab a spaghetti marinara from your local Italian place, a prawn masala, a spicy Indian fish curry, or a lovely grilled fillet of ocean trout from your local Thai restaurant.

Skinless Poultry

Why skinless, you ask? Chicken skin holds the most of the fat (gram for gram), followed by the darker parts of the chicken. Go for skinless, white chicken to maximise protein benefit.

If you can’t resist a burger, aim for grilled breast fillets rather than crumbed patties. If you’re ordering roast chook, don’t forget to peel that skin right off, or for an all-rounder, go for a chicken noodle dish. 

Lean Meat

Beef, lamb, pork: all delicious, great sources of protein.

Just be sure to choose the leaner cuts to reduce the fat intake, particularly when it comes to lamb and pork dishes.

Extra lean cuts of beef include:

  • Eye of round roast and steak
  • Sirloin tip side steak
  • Top round roast and steak
  • Bottom round roast and steak
  • Top sirloin steak

Lean cuts of pork include:

  • Pork tenderloin (leaner than skinless chicken breast!)
  • Sirloin pork chop
  • Ground pork

Get your beef fix with a scrumptious Thai beef salad, or why not try roast pork?


Tofu is an awesome source of protein and contains all nine essential amino acids (which cannot be made by the body).

Try larb tofusalt and pepper tofu (though not quite as delicious as its calamari cousin…), or even a good ol’ tofu burger.

Also, ma po tofu is a great option when you’re craving Chinese.


Legumes and beans are a hearty and inexpensive source of protein, and in fact, beans are the best source of vegetable protein you can find.

Meat eaters might be wary of switching steak for a serving of lentils, but they might also be super surprised by how tasty legumes can be in a main meal.

Pick up the classic dhansak or chole masala dishes from Indian restaurants if you love a bit of spice in your life, or a chickpea veggie burger for a milder (but no less delicious) eating experience.


Not only is dairy an amazing source of calcium, it also packs a protein punch. Milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese will all boost your daily protein intake.

Your local Indian restaurant will offer a tantalising selection of dairy dishes, from paneer tikka to saag paneer. You could also go for a Greek yoghurt topped with fruit for dessert. Yum!


There’s a reason why people have eggs every morning – all that protein gets you ready to start the day! Egg whites are super low in kilojoules, and the yolks are full of nutrients.

Our red hot favourite egg dish is a Thai omelette — It’s breakfast for dinner, but better.

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