Food FactsPosted on 10.11.2017

Take A (Very) Spicy Tour Around Australia

Summer’s gonna be a scorcher, but when the beach is your backyard, would you have it any other way? To prepare you for the heat yet to come from the glorious Australian sun, we hereby bring you a ‘heated’ tour around the country. The food will be so spicy, you’ll need more than milk to put out the fire. Are you ready to feel the burn? Put your spice levels to the test with some of the hottest dishes known to man!


There are plenty of Malaysian dishes you’re familiar with like laksa, roti canai and the student (and sometimes adult) staple of the cheap yet tasty instant mi goreng. But nothing beats the real deal – spicy mee goreng. Wok-tossed with chilli, seafood, veggies and tofu, this one’s not for the faint hearted. It’s time to take your noodle game up a notch and challenge yourself to a spicy Malaysian dish.

Order spicy seafood mee goreng from Berempah Malaysian Street Food, Willoughby, NSW


Chicken curry like butter chicken is tasty and all but where’s the fun in challenging your mates to chow down on food that has no kick? Bring on a heated eating match with spicy Indian food. A chicken tikka masala cooked with the hottest green chillies, capsicum and tomato has a spice level of 5 out of 5, which may have you running for cover, but we think you’ll love this curry for it’s intense flavour.

Order chicken tikka masala from Nawaz Flavour of India, Glebe, NSW


Thai beef salad, chicken satay and vegetable curry are some of our fave Thai dishes, but for something that packs a punch, you can’t go past a jungle curry with the hottest of chillies and spices. The jungle is thought to be a scary place full of wild animals, so when a meal is named after it, you should probably proceed with caution. Be afraid, be very afraid – there’s no turning back once the burn kicks in.

Order jungle curry from At Hua Hin Thai Restaurant, Stafford, QLD


Everyone loves a Mexican feast of nachos, burritos, and enchiladas but tacos are No. 1. You just can’t go past them. Challenge yourself to a slow cooked beef taco kit that has everything you need to set the house alight. Just remember, the hot salsa is an extra addition – we won’t blame you for backing out. Of course, you could always smother some nachos in hot sauce for a fiery meal.

Order a spicy challenge slow cooked beef taco kit from Chilango’s Mexican Cantina, Melbourne, VIC


The Chinese sure know how to treat us with the ‘fruit of the sea’. Take dishes like their take on garlic prawns as well as the classic prawn stir fry for example. But, spicy king prawns really do take the crown for being the tastiest and spiciest of them all. Just make sure you’ve ordered deep-fried ice-cream for dessert, cos you’ll need something cold to extinguish the fire in your mouth.

Order spicy king prawns from Double Bay Chinese Restaurant, Double Bay, NSW

If all these delish morsels of food weren’t enough to set your mouth alight, grabbing a Sprite is a sure-fire way (pun intended) to enhance and compliment these spicy dishes and bring out the spice in your life.