Food FactsPosted on 04.08.2014

The World’s Weirdest Pizza Toppings

The Italians may have invented it back in the 1800s, but pizza has since become universally adored. Every country has its own unique interpretation, some of them delicious, some of them…a more acquired taste. And with that, we’ve compiled some of the world’s strangest pizza concoctions for you to feast your eyes on. You’re welcome!

Sushi Pizza

via Quinn Dombrowski

This might be the greatest Japanese / Italian mashup since…Super Mario? The base is a chewy, crispy rice patty topped with avocado, salmon, wasabi and mayonnaise.

Chip Pizza

Two giants of the fast food world collide with carb-laden results. Is it bad that this actually we want to get amongst this one?

Pizza Fries

via Stu Spivack

And to continue with the fried potato theme, this pizza itself is the topping, while the chips form the delicious base. Wow.

Pickle Pizza

via Kelly Garbato

The pickle invasion marches on. We know they’re delicious with cheese, curry, eggs, alcohol and even peanut butter – so why not pizza?

Caviar Pizza

via Anne-Marie Nichols 

The $1,000 “world’s most expensive pizza” pairs the royalty of the sea: caviar and lobster. A more humble version replaces the shellfish with smoked salmon. A true pizza for the 1%.

Smoked Reindeer Pizza

via Hugovk

This Finnish pizza (mockingly dubbed the “Pizza Berlusconi”) won the 2008 America’s Plate International Pizza Contest. Don’t mind the glowing red bits – that’s just Rudolph’s nose…

Banana Curry Pizza


via Ola Waagen

Alright, Sweden, we get it, you’re crazy. Finally, mains and desserts collide…with curry. We’re not super sure about this one…

Cookie Crust Pizza with Shrimp and Potato

via Robyn Lee

Speaking of crossover courses…we can handle the shrimp and potato, but the base of this savoury pizza is actually a cookie. Sign us up for a slice!

Python Pizza

Apparently, this one tastes similar to chicken. Oh – it also comes with alligator and frog’s legs. This one’s a hard pass for us.

Yoda Pizza

via Gearfuse

Ok, so technically there’s nothing particularly strange about this one – but it’s Yoda! YODA!

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