Food HacksPosted on 12.04.2018

Cheap Eats Around The Nation

What’s not to love about food delivery and takeaway? It’s quick, convenient and delicious. You get can a fresh, mouth-watering meal without having to do any work or even leave your home! A dream right? But what about the cost? Surely ordering in is heavy on the ol’ pockets? Wrong! You can find almost half a million dishes between $10 and $20!

To help you find these gems, here’s a list of some of the cheapest eats around the nation*. No need to break the piggy bank!

Haloumi Cheese Pie – Manoosh Pizzeria

See ya feta, cheddar, ricotta and gouda, it’s haloumi for the win! Manoosh Pizzeria has taken this glorious food to the next level by creating a freshly baked calzone pie filled with melted haloumi and coated with roasted sesame seeds. And, it’s only $7.50. That’s right, a $7.50 ticket to haloumi heaven.

Order Haloumi Cheese Pie from Manoosh Pizzeria Marrickville, NSW


Bolognese Pasta – Soph Slice Gourmet Pizza Bar

Whether it’s linguine, spaghetti, carbonara or ravioli – pasta is life. But wait, pasta for under $10?! Is it too good to be true? Well Soph Slice Gourmet Pizza Bar has made this dream a reality and gone above and beyond with a scrumptious linguine bolognese for a crazy $8! Italians prove it only takes a few simple (yet delicious) ingredients to make any stomach happy.

Order Bolognese Pasta from Soph Slice Gourmet Pizza Bar, Derwent Park, TAS

Locally Caught Trevally – Hooked n Cook Fish

Despite common misconceptions, tasty seafood doesn’t have to be expensive. Are you a fan of barramundi or salmon? Why not try trevally? Hooked n Cook Fish has blessed us with locally caught trevally for the sweet, sweet price of $7.50! Whether you get it battered, crumbled or grilled, an enjoyable meal is guaranteed. With Hooked n Cook Fish’s great prices how can you not be hooked? (#punny #sorrynotsorry.)

Order locally caught Trevally from Hooked n Cook Fish, Kirra, QLD

Vegetarian Zoccacia – Al Mina on Prospect

Lebanese bakery, Al Mina on Prospect, offers a wide range of delightful Mediterranean food and pastries, but one that stands out on the menu is the vegetarian zoccacia. It’s zataar focaccia (get it?) filled with capsicum, olives, baby spinach, hummus and more- all for $8.90! Need we say more?

Order Vegetarian Zoccacia from Al Mina on Prospect, SA

Falafel Kebab Wrap – Bassendean Kebab and Cafe

The mighty kebab is familiar to all of us; whether it be an easy meal on the run, a classic late-night snack, or simply a guilty pleasure. And Bassendean Kebab Cafe not only make one of the best in the game, but also one of the cheapest, offering a falafel kebab for only $9! Falafel, kebab, hummus and a rock-bottom price tag, that’s just a whole lot of happiness.

Order Falafel Kebab Wrap from Bassendean Kebab and Cafe, High Wycombe, WA

Custom Beef Burger – BurgerHero

Craving a succulent, juicy burger but don’t wanna break the bank? BurgerHero to the rescue! Get a mouthwatering custom beef burger from just $10. There’s the custom chicken burger and lamb burger, but nothing is better than the classic beef. Add beetroot, eggplant, jalapenos and more from the menu — all for a low price.

Order Custom Beef Burger from BurgerHero, Braddon, ACT

Make your stomach and wallet happy and order all these cheap, delicious feeds and more on Menulog.

*Delivery costs not included.