Food HacksPosted on 30.11.2017

Detox Days During the Festive Season: How To

Feeling like you need a couple of detox days in between all that festive feasting going on in your life? We have the perfect solution in the form of light and fresh dishes to keep you glowing this silly season.

Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad)

Lettuce forget the salad bar for a minute – we’re all for pasta salad and potato salad, but sometimes, a Thai salad just hits the spot a little more. Som tum is a salad of fresh green papaya tossed with cherry tomatoes and peanuts, drizzled with a zesty chilli-lemon juice dressing. Once you go green with papaya, it’s hard to look back.

Order som tum from Chilli Jam Thai – Concord, NSW

Grilled Chicken Rice Paper Roll

Everyone loves Vietnamese rolls filled with the tastiest fillings. The best thing about these one-handed wonders is that it leaves your other hand free for other things – like more food. You’ll be rolling around in happiness while you eat the grilled chicken variation with rice paper roll dipping sauce like nuoc cham or plum and ginger sauce.

Order grilled chicken rice paper rolls from Belga Takeaway, Maidstone, VIC

Pan Fried Barramundi

Have a so-fish-ticated detox lunch with a tasty fillet of Murray cod or barramundi with salad and a heavenly lemon butter sauce. You haven’t lived unless you’ve had lemon butter sauce.

Order pan fried barramundi from Gumtree Restaurant and Bar, Ultimo, NSW

Karaage Chicken Roll

A sushi platter delivered to your door is always a better idea than popping over to a sushi restaurant in the silly season. Karaage chicken rolls are always a crowd-pleaser, and the perfect answer for when you’re trying to be healthy, but you also want fried chicken. Sushi rice has the added bonus of filling you up quickly, which will stop you from overeating. We can’t promise it will stop you from ordering a late-night kebab after a few drinks though!

Order a karaage chicken roll from Two Man’s Kitchen – Japanese Cuisine, East Perth, WA

Garlic Prawns

There’s nothing more Aussie than throwing a shrimp on the barbie, but why should you have to get involved in cooking when you’re a busy social butterfly? Leave it to the pros to cook you some creamy garlic prawns – you deserve some TLC, too.

Order garlic prawns from Sunbreakers, Mandurah, WA