Food QuizzesPosted on 25.07.2019

What Should You Order For Dinner?

Unless you have your own personal chef who’s mapped out your weekly meal plan, you probably fit into the 99.99%* of the population who face this regular dilemma, “What should I order for dinner?”

And, on top of deciding what your ravenous guts are hankering for, most time you’ve also got to take into consideration someone else’s indecisive cravings. Here’s a snippet from a real convo:

“Hey, what do you feel like eating?”
“I dunno…”
“How ‘bout sushi?”
“Nah, I had that for lunch.”
“Okay, well how about pizza?”
“Nope, I had that last night.”
“(humph) Pasta?”
“Not really…”

This conversation usually ends in either a hangry argument where neither get what they really want or the quick reach of the nearest bag of chips to stave off imagining cannibalism.

But, we are mere humans, and there are so, so many delicious options to choose from to fit every situation. For example, it’s cold outside, and you need some spicy, warming nosh. How about Indian?  Or you’re looking for a flavour fiesta? Mexican  meals are always fun. Fulfil your carb-load craving with satisfying Italian  or slurp on some silky noodles and order your fave Chinese . Options. Endless.

Maybe it’s the perennial favourite Pad Thai  you think you want, but can’t decide if you really want pizza instead . It can be very frustrating. However, we might just have the solution! Instead of endless scrolling, take our and we’ll decide what tasty cuisine you should order on Menulog tonight. You’re welcome.

*figure is not scientifically accurate, but it sounds good.