Food Trends Alert!

Food Trends Alert!

If you are bored with the conservative burger or the routine pasta and want to venture out, we have got some tasty dishes to mix up your next meal! On Menulog, 2017 saw some fascinating foods come to light and such trends are continuing into 2018. The hipster movement has found its way to the food world with the rise of “fashionable foods” and “quirky dishes”.

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Can’t keep up with the latest trends? You have come to the right place, here are some interesting trends to watch out for and for you to try!

Fried Chicken

We know what you’re thinking, “Fried chicken? How is that a food trend?” But we are not talking about the classic fried chicken, this is gourmet Japanese-style fried chicken. *Cue mouth watering*. Step aside roast chicken, baked chicken, grilled chicken- you are all playing for second here. The Japanese have perfected the art of chicken frying and have graced us with this delicious dish. This is no ordinary fried chicken. So want to see what the fuss is all about? Order Japanese fried chicken- you won’t regret it.

Order fried chicken from Shimizu Japanese Cafe, Northbridge, WA & Yami Halal Japanese Restaurant, Underwood, QLD


Asian soups have always been a crowd favourite, yet last year on Menulog Pho has crept its way up the ranks and has gained ground on its Malaysian cousin, the Laksa. So when the craving for some delicious Vietnamese food strikes, order a bowl of fragrant pho. If you can handle spice, order a spicy pork pho. Or for those whose eyes water at the word ‘spicy’, order a chicken pho. Maybe you are in the mood for a prawn pho with a side of Vietnamese spring rolls? No matter what you order these dishes are pho-nomenal.

Order pho from Uzu Melbourne Curry Laksa Ramen, Melbourne, VIC

Ice Cream

As we see the coolest ice cream creations pop up on social media, it’s inevitable- people are craving ice cream. On Menulog, ice cream experienced a 40% growth in orders in 2017! With such tantalising creations on the menu, it is no surprise ice cream is sweeping the nation. Send tingles down your spine with an ice cream s’more. This creation has fudge pieces, marshmallows and biscuit, all of which will leave you wanting s’more. Or how about stray from the normal gelato and try deep fried ice cream? With its crispy exterior and sweet coolness within, it is the best of both worlds.

Order ice cream from Lucky Town Thai Kitchen, Beverly Hills, NSW & Pizza Capers, Mount Gravatt, QLD

Exotic dishes

Australia prides itself on multiculturalism, and it is no different with our food. We have a smorgasbord of delectable cuisines and dishes. There are a couple of tasty exotic meals that are becoming more and more popular. So keep your eye out for these delicious dishes! Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish that can feature an assortment of vegetables and meat. Mee Goreng is flavourful and spicy fried noodle dish. Poke is a Hawaiian raw fish salad so get a wasabi salmon poke bowl for some exotic spice. Get outside your comfort zone and get experimenting!

Order Bibimbap from Bulgogi Bros Korean Restaurant, Chermside, QLD, Mee Goreng from Hiot Yim Chinese Restaurant, Fairfield, VIC & Poke from Momoya, Camberwell, VIC

Plant-based foods

Plant-based foods are all the rave right now. Your Instagram feed is probably loaded with photogenic bowls filled with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Restaurants are embracing the rise of the plants as vegan and vegetarian options on menus continue to increase. So jump on this healthy bandwagon and order a light kale and quinoa salad. Or detox your body with a delicious quinotto. Eat good, feel good!

Order quinoa & kale salads and quinotto from Cloris Gourmet, Botany, NSW & La Cocina Peruana, Randwick, NSW

So keep your eye out for these great food trends and try them out for yourself on Menulog!

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