Fabulous Five For Football

Fabulous Five For Football

Are you ready for kick-off? The 2018/19 Premier League season is here, and it’s the perfect reason to share a home-delivered meal with your fanatical football friends  – while cheering on your team of course!

Fresh from the scintillating World Cup, the pre-season friendlies have whet the appetites of fans who are now ready for the main course. Until May 2019, they’ll be 38 games of fabulous football, all of which are sure to make millions of stomachs growl with hunger. Glued to the game, who wants to be bothered with cooking? No-one! The solution? Order in!

Here are the five perfect dishes to celebrate the start of another glorious football season.  



The quintessential footy food. Perfect for sharing and with so many different varieties to choose from ‒ meatlovers, margherita, hawaiian or cheese. Plus, you can effortlessly tuck into a slice (or 10) without removing your eyes from the screen.


Imagine biting into a juicy burger while watching the match. Pretty temping, right? The beauty is you still have one hand free to smash down some chips, onion rings or even a cold beer.


You really can’t stop at one, and that’s why wings are great for pacing yourself. To watch a game, one needs stamina ‒ especially if it goes into extra time.


How many times have you wanted to order 10 different Chinese dishes, but worried you’d look like a bit of a glutton? Well, ordering a banquet and sharing with your footy fam is the ultimate way to sample all your fave dumplings, noodles and rice dishes. Just don’t forget the spring rolls!


Another one-handed, super-easy to nom, sport-watching staple. The only decision you have to make is whether to say yes to the garlic sauce. Will it be chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian?

Whatever food choose – and even your team loses – you know with Menulog you’re always a winner!


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