Hot For Chips! It’s National French Fries Day

Hot For Chips! It’s National French Fries Day

If ever there was a vegetable that could give the caterpillar a run for its metamorphosis money, it’d be the humble potato. Whether you enjoy it mashed or baked, the spud is loved by all. But, if there’s one potato dish that has changed the world, it’s FRIES.

In honour of National French Fries Day on 13 July, we had a think about all the different types of fries you can gobble down. From shoestring to poutine, what does your relation-chip reveal about you?

French Fries

You’re romantic and slick, and prefer to eat French Fries with your lover – and a slathering of mayonnaise. Followed by some, ahem, french kissing. Pucker up! 


No-nonsense, friendly and a mate to all, you prefer thicker cut chips doused in vinegar to munch on with your fish. You enjoy your own company. 


You want, and NEED to be around people. Your biggest joy in life is to share a huge bowl of delicious wedges. Sour cream and sweet chilli sauce is life!


Order FRIES from My T Burger, North Lakes, Qld
Order CHIPS from McIvor Road Fish & Chips, Bendigo, VIC 
Order WEDGES from Mario Brothers Pizza & Pasta, Crows Nest, NSW

Beer Battered

Hungry all the time, you think burgers are the ultimate food. You also love beer. Anything with beer. You have many admirers.

Asian/Indian style Fried Potatoes

People might describe you as a bit of a firecracker. You’re not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and add some spice to your life.  You’re also the life of the party.

Shoestring, Curly Fries, Tornado Fries

A kid at heart, you love adding a touch of whimsy to the mundane. Your outlook in life is to have fun wherever you go and with whatever you eat. You also have a tendency to start food fights.



Order BEER BATTERED from BurgerBurger, Surrey Hills, Vic
Order ASIAN/INDIAN STYLE FRIED POTATOES from iCurry Indian Restaurant, St Kilda, Vic
Order CURLY FRIES from The Great American Rib Co, Seaton, SA

Oven Baked Chips

Health conscious and always doing cardio, you eat in small portions. Some people find you annoying, but your heart is in the right place. 

Sweet Potato Fries

Trends are your thing and you like to think you’re ahead of the game. You’re also very sweet and probably a vegetarian.


Indulging in the finer thing in life is what you excel at. You prefer rich gravies and squeaky cheese to zingy sauces. You’re also not a sharer.

Loaded Fries/ Cheesy Fries

A person of extremes, everything needs to be amped up to the nth degree. Your motto in life: the more, the better.



Order OVEN BAKED CHIPS from MadToppings,Blacktown, NSW
Order SWEET POTATO FRIES from  NU Healthy Cafe, Macaarthur Square, NSW
Order POUTINE from Meat N Bun, Boronia, Vic
Order LOADED FRIES from  Butler Smokehouse, Dandenong,Vic

Chip sandwich

You’re single. And lonely.

We have so much to thank the potato for, so in between shoving chips into your cavernous gobs, take a moment today to remember that the spud spends all of its life underground, in the dirt, until the moment it gets chopped up and fried in boiling oil just for you.

Order French Fries HERE or Wedges HERE
Try Lord of the Fries in NSW and Burger Phactory in SA

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