Game, Food, SCORE!

Game, Food, SCORE!

Could this be the decider? The one that’ll send those Blues wigs into a blurred frenzy of curls, the game where NSW might (finally) bring home the shield? Or will Queensland take out Game 2 and even the score, forcing the series into a showdown?

Regardless of which scarf you’ll be wearing on this historic event, this Sunday, June 24, is also the night when, among all the balls, the only decision YOU have to make is what to order for dinner from Menulog.

While ordering may seem like a solo process, never fear, you’re not the only one! Tens of thousands of footy fanatics, just like you had dinner delivered during Game 1. In fact, it was 2018’s second largest Wednesday, only beaten by Valentine’s day. (Does this mean that Love trumps footy?…)

Here are some interesting facts:

  • 25% surge in orders Australia-wide
  • A whopping 48% increase in NSW
  • 23% rise in Menulog orders in Qld

Could there be a link between the number of orders and the winning team? We’ll let you be the judge of that, but we reckon cooking your own dinner is a risk many should not be taking!

Our prediction for Game 1 was that Pizza would take out the top spot in most ordered meal – and we were right. Coming in second and third were Thai and Indian for NSW and for Qld, Indian second and Thai as third most popular cuisine ordered.

What the data tells us is that no other code has such (obsessed) committed fans as the NRL’s Night of Nights. No other code spurs such a flux in home delivered ordersPat yourselves on the back, you Mighty Maroons and New South Welshman, you’ve done your state proud!

(Psst, you wearing the soccer jersey or the ‘real football’ as you call it, we haven’t forgotten there are three pretty big games for you on Sunday as well. Why not try and and beat the footy fanatics by ordering on Menulog while watching the games? Surely there are more people who love the World Game! Dinner, midnight snacks, pre-dawn feed? We know all that yelling “YELLOW CARD” at the tele makes for very hungry supporters.)

And, don’t forget to add any special delivery instructions, such as “Knock LOUD” to ensure you don’t miss a tackle, pass or try while waiting for your order.


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