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How Do You Roll on World Sushi Day?

A long, (not so long) time ago, the word ‘sushi’ conjured up images of slabs of raw fish, a foreign – almost terrifying – thought for the average Aussie who was more comfortable with a meat pie clenched in hand.

Fast forward to 2018, and you’d be hard pressed to find the every-day Australian not enamoured by the Japanese delicacy.

From toddlers greedily munching on California hand rolls, to nan and pop daintily dipping their ebi nigiri in their wasabi tinged soy sauce, sushi has invaded our daily diet.

So how better to celebrate World Sushi Day on June 18, than to explore all the weird, wonderful and wacky sushi Menulog can deliver straight to your door, without you having to lift a, umm, chopstick!

  • Sushi Donut: Zutto Bento (QLD) offer a wide range of sushi fashioned in the shape of our favourite sweet treat, the humble donut! Crowd favourites are the Rainbow and Crunch Sushi Donuts.
  • Sushi Burrito: Fusion Wrap (VIC) want to treat your tastebuds to a HUGE sushi burrito. Coming in hot at 500 – 700g, these sushi burritos are sure to satisfy your cravings.
  • Prosciutto Sushi: Salon de Sushi (VIC) offer a delicious twist for when you can’t decide between Italian or Japanese. How about prosciutto sushi topped with fresh basil paste, avocado and cream cheese. Yes please!
  • Lion King Fusion Roll: Ogawa Sushi and Japanese Restaurant (QLD) keeping with the Italian trend, Ogawa Sushi offer a mouth-watering, parmesan cheese topped, ‘Lion King’ fusion roll.
  • Topped Rolls: Sushi Planet Japanese Cuisine (SA) switch out the classic bagel for sushi, and suddenly you have a Philadelphia Roll. Picture a sushi roll topped with smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese. Or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, opt for their Asparagus Roll with Mango.
  • Dumpling x Sushi Combo: Yuzu Dining (NSW) has combined two favourite foods (dumplings and sushi) to created an inside out roll with dumplings, cucumber, shallots and wasabi mayo. Can’t decide between sushi or dumplings? Here’s the perfect solution – have both!

But, we get it, these out-there offerings might not be for everyone. So, if you’re craving more traditional sushi, packed with the flavours you know and love, why not check out the most popular Japanese restaurants Menulog has to offer.

  1. Sushi OH-OO – Five Dock (NSW)
  2. Bento Tei (ACT)
  3. Midori Japanese Kitchen (TAS)
  4. Benton Bento – Sushi Bento & Delivery (VIC)
  5. Katsuya Japanese Restaurant (WA)

And, as it’s only once a year, we give you full permission to eat your fill of sensational sushi to your heart’s content – but don’t blame us for the food baby (roll)! Happy World Sushi Day!

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