Kick off your 2018 with these healthy foods

Kick off your 2018 with these healthy foods

Feeling stuffed after a big season of eating a drinking? Eaten your weight in food waaay more times than you care to admit? There’s no need to go cold turkey this year, but it is time to start thinking about some healthy meals. To kick off the weightloss goals for 2018, we’ve rounded up the best healthy dinner and healthy lunch ideas to take the hard work out of the equation for you. See ya dad bod, cos hot bod is coming right up!

Falafel wrap

You wrapped up the year that was with bubbles and feasts a plenty, so it’s time to scale the noms back a notch with a tasty falafel wrap instead of a naughty kebab. Golden balls of falafel, creamy hummus and lots of salad, will have you feeling full in no time, and saying ‘no thanks’ to some tempting baklava.

Order a falafel wrap from Eat Falafel, Glebe, NSW

Crispy skin salmon

It’s time to load up with some good oils, better known as Omega-3. You could go with some salmon patties, baked salmon or grilled salmon – and they’re all good options, but picture a pan fried salmon with that delicious crispy skin. It’s time to get this fish on your dish!

Order crispy skin salmon from Earth N Ocean, Victoria Park, WA

Rice vermicelli salad with lemongrass beef

Just because you’ve set out on your journey to weight loss, it doesn’t mean you have to settle on bland and boring salads. A Vietnamese salad of vermicelli noodles is what’s on our mind. Think oodles of noodles topped with roast pork or lemongrass beef. Really, it doesn’t get much better than this. You can also add some rice paper rolls to your cart for a fresh healthy snack, when you are hit with a case of three-thirtyitis.

Order rice vermicelli salad with lemongrass beef from AJ Vietnamese Noodle House, Brisbane, QLD


You might have heard of churrasco (essentially, delish grilled meats), but it’s time to put the spotlight on another Brazilian dish called feijoada. This classic black bean stew served with rice and meat topped with a golden and magical crumb called farofa is so filling, it’s sure to stop you from nibbling on some naughties.

Order Feijoada from Rio 40C, Perth, WA

Chicken san choy bao

We’d happily bao down to this Chinese dish any day of the week and have it for brekkie, lunch and dinner if we could. Whoever said lettuce was boring, has clearly never tried this lettuce cup. Filled with mince, crispy mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and a delish hoisin sauce, it makes for a hearty yet healthy snack. Make sure you order plenty of these bad boys – cos if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that you want to share.

Order chicken san choy bao from Ayam Chef, Southbank, QLD

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