Legend Of The Lasagne

Legend Of The Lasagne

It was a cold, blustery night in a little Northern Italian town in Bologna. Mama Maria was busy making pasta by hand, ready to cut into strips for her husband’s dinner. Over the fire, a big pot of bolognese sauce was bubbling away. Earlier than expected, Giuseppe hangrily stormed in, demanding to eat.

“Maria, you so lazy! I been working all-a day. What you do? Huh? Where is my spaghetti?”

“What I been doin’? Cookin and a-cleanin for you! I’m a lazy? I give you a-lazy!”

And with that Mama Maria grabbed the uncut sheets of pasta, tossed them on a plate, laddled the sauce from the boiling pot and threw some parmesan on top. Unimpressed, Giuseppe started to eat. With every mouthful, he became more excited. Before long, he had devoured the meal!

“Ahh Maria, this lazy-bologna is delizioso! I will call it ‘Lasagne!’”

Whether the Legend of the Lasagne is true, what cannot be disputed is that lasagne is freaking delicious. Rich, tomato bolognese sauce squished between layers of tender pasta, oozing with creamy bechamel. Lasagne is irresistible and utterly satisfying.

However, unless you have your own Italian Nonna who can spend 12 hours simmering the perfect bolognese – or ragu – who has the time, patience and skill to assemble a perfectly structurally sound, luscious lasagne?

Luckily for you, Menulog has sourced the best lasagne of the land (outside of Italy) that you can have delivered straight to your door to celebrate National Lasagne Day on 27 July!

Order lasagne at Pasta Fiesta in WA
Order lasagne at Il Amalfi Pizza Pasta in Vic

 If that isn’t tempting enough, here’s a pictorial representation:

And, while your using that finger to place your order from the comfort of your lounge (or bed), why not add garlic bread or garlic pizza, a fresh Caprese salad, a decadent tiramisu and a nice bottle of red wine (yes, you can order alcohol on Menulog), order Alcohol from Jimmy Brings and presto! The perfect comfort food-night in.  

Order garlic pizza at Mancini’s Original Woodfired Pizza in NSW or  I CARUSI II/SORSI E MORSI in Vic
Order Caprese salad at Amici Cafe in Qld
Order Tiramisu at Sazio in Vic

(Psst… vegetarians, there are also some delish vego lasagne options too!

Order vegetarian lasagne at Naremburn Pizzeria in NSW or at Pizza Paradise Gourmet Kitchen in Qld

So put on that Dean Martin record, dim the lights and get ready to tuck into a night of amore where the only baby made will be the not-so-little food bambino.

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