Menulog NewsPosted on 04.01.2019

2018 – The Year of Unexpected Dishes?

How is it already the end of 2018? So much has happened this year, it is hard to remember it all. From a new Prime Minister and World Cup to a Royal Wedding and Commonwealth Games (remember them?!); it has been a crazy year. But you know what’s even crazier? Some of the orders on Menulog.

New data has revealed some of the most popular (yet unexpected) dishes ordered across the nation in 2018. Each state has its own unique orders, so shall we see the quirks of some of our fellow Aussies?

New South Wales

Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea; Grilled Tongue (Ling Yang) and Ox Tongue were some of the most popular dishes in Fairfield! Not too far away in Blacktown, residents favoured Methi Chicken rather than the more commonly known Pad Khee Mao. In Bondi, Raita topped Curry Puffs, despite the fact that over 32% of orders were for South East Asian dishes. While NSW has these quirks, it doesn’t stray too far from the norm with the good ol’ fashioned pizza still reigning supreme as it takes the top spot in cuisines in the region for 2018.


So what are the quirks of the Melbournians? When it comes to Indian, residents prefer Hyderabadi Biryani over Lamb Rogan Josh. It seems Brunswick residents aren’t as crazy about meat as there were more orders for Satay Tofu this year than Chicken Tikka. While some habits may be unexpected, one thing that will never waver is Melbournians’ love for pizza. In 2018 38% of all orders were pizza, with Margherita being crowned number one. And who can have pizza without garlic bread? Melbourne locals definitely can’t, with garlic bread being the most popular item in the region in 2018.


The Sunshine State also has its surprising preferences. Brisbane locals fancy Pad Thai in 2018 and prefer a Larb Gai over a Curry Puff. The Pineapple capital is more likely to delve into a gooey Chocolate Brownie over a Pineapple Fritter (so they may need to reconsider its title, but then again we can’t blame them- for who can resist a brownie?). The Sunshine Coast locals love their seafood with local tiger prawns and cod proving popular.  

South Australia

Adelaidians have a unique sweet tooth with Potato Cake being the go-to dessert (yes that’s right, over Chocolate Mousse and Mars Bar Cheesecake! But no judging here…). The locals also take a liking to Alla Panna Pasta over Pesto. Like the Melbournians, garlic bread is a fave with the item being the most popular dish across the city this year. In Barossa, residents have a craving for Indian as they prefer Malai Kofta to classic Lasagna.


The crazy year of 2018 seems to be reflected in Aussie’s Menulog orders! Not only has our year been filled with excitement but also our stomachs. If this has sparked a craving- order all these delicious dishes on Menulog and more. Happy eating!

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