Menulog NewsPosted on 19.03.2021

StampCard Restaurant Terms & Conditions



Defined terms have the same meaning as in the Restaurant Agreement.


Restaurant-specific stamp that is awarded for every Order placed with a participating Restaurant.

Stampcard Program

means the award program which allows Customers to collect stamps awarded by a participating Restaurant on an electronic card visible on their online Menulog account (each, a “Stampcard”). The Customer earns a Stampcard discount (at the cost of a participating Restaurant) once the Stampcard for that Restaurant is full, which is redeemable when placing an Order with that participating Restaurant.

Stampcard discount

means a restaurant-specific discount awarded to the Customer for a full Stampcard, with a value of 15% of the Gross Order Value, minus delivery costs, of the five Orders for which the Stamps were collected.


These terms apply in case you have signed up for the Menulog Stampcard Program.


2.1  To participate in the Stampcard Program and award Stamps to Customers, you need to sign up for the Stampcard Program. 

2.2  We may refuse the participation of a Restaurant in the Stampcard Program at our sole discretion.


3.1  Stamps are awarded exclusively by you to a Customer. We are only the technical provider of the Stampcard Program.

3.2  Customers who order with your Restaurant will automatically receive 1 Stamp for every Order placed at your Restaurant and paid for online. Orders paid via cash and guest check out users are excluded from receiving Stamps. 

3.3  A Stampcard is full and complete after having collected five Stamps from the same Restaurant. A Stampcard discount will be automatically applied to a Customer’s next Order if the Order value is equal to or greater than the Stampcard discount value.

3.4  Stamps expire 12 months following the date the Stamps have been awarded to the Customer.

3.5  Stamps are not transferable between Restaurants, Customers, email addresses, Stampcards or otherwise.

3.6  We will correct Stamps that were awarded while the Order and/ or payment thereof was cancelled. However, if such Stamp completes a Stampcard it may result in the generation of a Stampcard discount. If the Stampcard discount is generated, the Stamp will be  considered valid and the Stampcard discount will be redeemable.


4.1  A Stampcard discount:

  1. can only be redeemed with an Order with the Participating Restaurant from which the Stamps were received;

  2. can only be redeemed in combination with an online payment; 

  3. can be redeemed with other offers or discounts provided that a discount is not greater than the payment total following the application of the StampCard discount; and

  4. can only be redeemed for Orders that have a value which is equal to or greater than the StampCard discount. 

4.2  The Stampcard discount is redeemable up and until 90 days after the Stampcard discount was issued.

4.3  The value of a Stampcard discount equals 15% of the Gross Order Value, minus delivery  costs, of the five Orders for which the Stamps were collected.

4.4  The costs of a redeemed Stampcard discount are for your account.

4.5  The total amount that is paid by Customers with Stampcard discounts in your Restaurant will be visible on the Order summary in the Partner Centre.

4.6  The Fees you owe to us will be based on the Gross Order Value of the Order, thus also over the amount of the Stampcard discount if a Stampcard discount is used.


5.1  Participation in the Stampcard Program has a minimum duration of 3 continuous months, in order to allow Customers to complete their Stampcard.

5.2 Without prejudice to clause 5.1, You are free to terminate your participation in the Stampcard Program for convenience on a prior 30 (thirty) days notice but you will not be able to sign up for the Stampcard Program again until 90 days have passed since the date of termination of your participation under this clause 5.2. You can terminate your participation in the Stampcard Program by contacting our customer service. Termination will not affect the validity of existing Stampcard discounts in any way. 

5.3  If a Customer has collected Stamps that can no longer be redeemed because you terminated your participation in the Stampcard Program, we may claim the amount corresponding to the value of the outstanding Stamps from you.

5.4  We reserve the right to cancel the Stampcard Program for convenience with a prior 30 (thirty) days’ written notice. In case of cancellation of the Stampcard Program, Customers can no longer collect Stamps. However, Stampcard discounts will remain valid until their expiration date.

5.5  We reserve the right to withhold or suspend your Restaurant from participation in the Stampcard Program in case of a reasonable (suspected) violation of the Agreement.