Munching with the Millennials

Munching with the Millennials

The Millennials are at the forefront of the foodie movement. From freakshakes and smashed avo to bizarre food combinations like nacho lasagna, ramen burgers and sushi burritos (we’re not kidding, these dishes exist!), Millennials have changed the food world. Millennials don’t need much of an excuse to get food delivered with a fifth ordering food for “catching up on social media” and over a third order food for “chilling in bed”.


Delve into the world of food-obsessed Millennials and see what’s #trending.

Healthy Eating

There is a growing focus on healthier food and Millennials are leading the charge! If you have been on Instagram lately, we are sure you have seen a colourful bowl of fruits, nuts and grains. Remember when the simple toast was the way to go? Well, say goodbye to boring breakfasts and hello to vibrant acai bowls. These Instagram-ready bowls, full of nutrition, are taking the nation by storm. Brighten up your morning with an acai bowl filled with all your favourite fruits and yoghurt- the choice is yours!

This creativity doesn’t stop with brekkie, fresh salads are popular with Millennials. And no, we’re not talking about a Caesar salad or greek salad. We are talking about salads jam-packed with flavoursome ingredients and will definitely deserve a shout out on your Snapchat. Order a light spinach salad with craisins and pear or a delightful pumpkin salad with feta. Who says healthy eating is boring?

Order acai bowls from Acai Brothers, Liverpool, NSW and salads from Amici Cafe, Caloundra, QLD


Millennials have taken fusion to a whole new level. On the food scene are crazy mashups, mixing delicious foods for an epic snap. What do you do when you can’t decide between a croissant and doughnut? The cronut comes to your rescue. With the soft interior of a doughnut and the crispy, flaky exterior of a croissant- it puts muffins, cookies and cupcakes to shame. Or are you caught between a crispy taco and a juicy burger? Well then a delightful taco burger will fix all your woes. Satisfy all your cravings with these delicious mashups. Porque no los dos?

Order cronuts from Cioccolato Dessert Restaurant, Toowoomba, QLD and taco burgers from Taco Burger, South Perth, WA


Although Millennials love a healthy meal, they do know how to indulge in the most decadent desserts from time to time. Like come on, everyone knows if you get an over-the-top, irresistible chocolate dessert you HAVE to share it on social media, otherwise what’s the point? Dive into a raspberry almond cake filled with vanilla cream cheese fudge *enter drooling emoji*. Or maybe for your snap you want something like a buttercream cookie sanga? Get desserts so good you will want to share them on Instagram but not in real life!

Order desserts from Desserts Delivered, Brunswick West, VIC

With all these great dishes available right at your fingertips on Menulog, we really can’t blame the Millennials for being food-obsessed!

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