National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day

Friday the 9th of February is National Pizza Day, although this is a food day celebrated in America, us Australians will use any excuse to order some delicious slices of cheesy goodness. Feel like homemade pizza but don’t actually want to make it? Never fear! We’ve got you covered with our list of the best pizzas delivered right to your door.

Hawaiian Pizza

Pineapple on pizza? The longstanding debate that has divided the nation. Well, listen up pineapple-on-pizza eaters don’t worry about the haters. A couple of juicy pineapple pieces sprinkled on your pizza will definitely add some tang to your dish. By adding fruit to pizza we’re basically making it healthier, how can anyone argue about that?

Order Hawaiian pizza from Antonio’s Pizzeria, Caringbah, NSW

Seafood Pizza

After having a shrimp on the barbie for Australia day, you may still have that niggling craving for seafood. Why not toss a shrimp on the pizza? Add your Aussie touch to the Italian classic with a sea of flavour. Better yet, order some seafood pasta to tie in the meal like a salmon carbonara.

Order seafood pizza and salmon carbonara from Pizza Capers, Millner, NT

Vegetarian Pizza

Pizza never discriminates, so veggie eaters you too can enjoy this iconic food day. Enjoy a variety of veggies on some fluffy pizza dough, from broccoli, baby spinach and olives to roasted eggplant and fresh tomato. This fusion of tasty veggies will be sure to remove the stigma that vegetarians eat boring!

Order vegetarian pizza from Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza, St Kilda, VIC

Szechuan Chicken Pizza

Feeling adventurous? If you are tired of Supreme or Margherita pizza and you want to spice up the ol’ classic pizza range a Szechuan chicken pizza will do the trick. With spicy Szechuan chicken breast, jalapenos, roasted capsicum and more, topped with a zingy peri-peri sauce this pizza adds an exciting twist to this national day.

Order Szechuan chicken pizza from Supreme Gourmet Pizza, Concord, NSW

Thai Mango Pizza

There is nothing better than having a sweet, juicy mango in summer. There is also nothing better than biting into a flavoursome, cheesy pizza delivered to your doorstep. So why not do both? A colourful combination of mango, chicken, satay sauce and more all wrapped up in one pizza… Need we say more?

Order Thai mango pizza from Australia’s Pizza House, North Adelaide, SA

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