The Ultimate Food Hack. Order In, Say You Cooked!

The Ultimate Food Hack. Order In, Say You Cooked!

Remember that scene in the classic movie, Mrs Doubtfire where the cross-dressing dad/nanny ordered food and passed it off as his/her own? Well, people actually do that in real life! ALL.THE.TIME.

While some might say it’s dishonest, I challenge you to use your noodle and really decide if this slightly duplicitous action causes any harm. I mean, if you really think about it, it’s the ultimate food hack! There are no losers in this scheme, on the contrary everybody wins. And here’s why:

  1. No shopping
  2. No cooking
  3. No washing up
  4. No food fails

Plus, this little white lie can:

  1. Increase the love your partner/child/friend has for you
  2. Win your crush over with your ‘cooking’
  3. Leave more time for the fun things in life
  4. Satisfy cravings
  5. Solve world peace*

According to our research, more than 2 million Australians have tried to pass off food they’ve ordered online as their own. And can you guess how many men have attempted to pull off this ruse? A massive 25% of all men! But don’t think women aren’t also tapping into this ploy, in fact 14% of all women are also presenting delish home delivery as home cooking.


Here are some tempting ideas:


Feel like a curry in a hurry but haven’t got the time or know-how OR dozens of ingredients to create an authentic Rogan Josh? Menulog it!

Need to warm your cockles with a spicy Green Curry (and pretend you created the perfect curry paste in your own mortar and pestle?). Menulog it!



Craving Kung Pao Chicken and the mouth tingling spicy flavours but have no idea where to start? Menulog it!

We get it though, especially in these cooler months. It’s hard to resist ordering comfort food after a long day and in just a few minutes from your phone. No-one needs to know that the clanging from the kitchen isn’t really cooking – we won’t tell if you don’t.

Just remember to leave very clear delivery instructions “please come to the back door” or “walk quietly up the driveway” or else your goose might be cooked before you can even tuck in!

* Not based on scientific evidence

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