Food with Pokemon Go

Food with Pokemon Go

Feeling like there’s a bit of Poke-mania going round? We sure do, but why on earth would we complain about it? This is the most fun we’ve had since we played Snake on our Nokia phones.

We decided to ask you to share your Pokemon food encounters on our Facebook page using #pokelog because we know that you need to stop and refuel while on your journey and we want to help you do it. Gotta catch ‘em all, after all.

Here’s our top five picks from your submissions.

A surreal surprise

This Menulogger was enjoying their cereal when the elegant goldfish Pokemon, Goldeen, appeared in the bowl. Lucky they didn’t accidentally eat it.


A rare encounter

It’s not every day that a rare Pokemon is wandering around your kitchen. One Menulogger had a wild Paras with huge combat power trying to avoid capture on her kitchen bench! That sure beats all those Zubats we’re catching.


Butcher time

One Menulogger found a wild Doduo at the butcher. We’re very glad they caught it cause we don’t even want to know what would happen if a butcher caught it.  


Keep calm and … Bulbasaur?

This Bulbasaur was not impressed by one Menulogger’s tea making efforts this week. Let’s hope he’s feeling calm and enjoying some good tea by now.


Hey, little guy

The friendly-fire Pokemon, Charmander was found in one Menulogger’s berry yoghurt. We’re guessing he was looking for a spot to cool down. It’s a hard life.


BRB, we just found a Pikachu.

Who knows what you will find in your next Menulog order…

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