Back to school

Back to school

It’s a very special time of year for parents. And no, we aren’t talking about Valentine’s Day, we are talking about kids being back at school. In fact, we’re pretty sure this time of year has got you feeling like you are on Cloud 9.

That’s right, it’s time for ‘me’ time. So, put your feet up and enjoy some of these adult-appropriate, kid-free meals on Menulog.

Veggie pizza

Want to get pizza delivery that the kids won’t look twice at? Opt for veggie pizza toppings on a wholemeal pizza base. It might be delivered faster than you can pull out a pizza recipe and make it yourself but don’t go calling this one fast food ‘cause it’s good for you and 100% delicious. Boom, child-free dinner sorted with a pizza heaven.

shutterstock_220907665Order a veggie pizza on a wholemeal base from Menulog:

Fish burger

Kids love burgers but give them a fish burger and they’ll tear up, reminding you they only like hamburgers. Fish burgers aren’t a fast food meal anyway, there’s plenty of Omega-3 going round, which is scientifically proven to be good for brain health.


Order a fish burger from Menulog:

Tom yum prawn

Tom yum prawn should be your favourite Thai dish to enjoy when you’re flying solo without kids. It’s nourishing, hearty, vibrant, healthy and – of course – delicious. It has the word yum in its name after all. And by all means, continue to order spring rolls ‘cause there’s nothing like some crispy fried goodness on the side.


Order tom yum prawn from Menulog: Monkey King Thai, Newport, NSW

Bhindi masala

Okra is another ingredient you can enjoy when you’re free from kids and want to enjoy a seriously delicious adult meal. Okra is the superfood no one talks about, it’s full of A and B vitamins, calcium, fibre, iron and folic acid. Bhindi masala is a dry Indian curry that is jam packed full of flavour. Best served with rice, flatbreads and some salad with chutney.


Order bhindi masala from Menulog: Railway Tiffin, Mitcham, VIC


The trick with coffee-flavoured treats is to give your kid a little bite – if they’ve never had coffee before the chances are they’ll turn their nose up at it and never look back. That’s what you want, you want to enjoy your coffee treat in solace. Order up tiramisu, which is basically a brew-tiful dessert pizza anyway.


Order tiramisu from Menulog:

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