State of Origin lll: Bleed (and eat) Blue

State of Origin lll: Bleed (and eat) Blue

Do you bleed Blue or are you a Maroon through and through? Over these past weeks, the rivalry between NSW and Qld has reached new heights. Although the series has been won by the ‘Baby Blues’, there is no such thing as a dead rubber in State of Origin. The Maroons may feel a little blue with their pride on the line as they battle against the humiliation of a whitewash on Wednesday. The last time NSW managed to achieve this feat was in 2000. To put that in perspective, their current star halfback Nathan Cleary was only 3-years-old when NSW beat Qld 3-0! So this accomplishment seems to only occur once in a blue moon!

So can the mighty Blues do it? Or will the Maroons ruin the party and finish the series on a high? As NSW are crowned the champs, why not show your support and paint your plate with a touch of blue? Here are some dishes that show you are a true blue New South Welshmen.

Blue Cheese Pizza

We all know pizza and footy go together. So why not take the perfect sporting snack up a notch? Order in a cheese pizza with creamy gorgonzola blue cheese, mozzarella, feta and shaved parmesan. It’s a cheese lover’s heaven. No matter how the game ends, you’ll be a winner!

Order the Cheese Lover from Bite Pizza, Kingsford, NSW

Nachos with Blue Corn Tortilla

At half-time dive into crispy nachos with crunchy white and blue corn tortilla topped with black beans, melted cheese, guac (of course) and more! If Origin isn’t exciting enough for you (we doubt it), add some chilli to your nachos and spice up the game.

Order Nachos from Chilango’s Mexican Cantina, Melbourne, VIC

Blueberry Pancakes

NSW has been a bit stressed with this series; they showcased 11 new players, a new coach and the Maroons’ decade of dominance loomed over them. So, celebrate this win with buttermilk, ricotta and blueberry pancakes. After all, stressed spelt backwards is desserts. Coincidence? We think not. With maple syrup drizzled on top of the pancakes, it really is a sweet victory.

Order Ricotta and Blueberry Pancakes from Tella Balls, Concord, NSW 


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