So you think you know pizza?

How many pizzas do you reckon you ordered last year?

In 2017 alone, Australians ordered no less than 4 million pizzas on Menulog, the equivalent to one pizza for every resident of Brisbane and Perth! That’s a lot of dough.

Victorians came out the clear winners in this race, accounting for just under half of the total number of national orders. And just to throw a little fuel on the interstate rivalry, New South Wales came in at second place with 37%, followed by South Australia trailing at a distant third, with 7%.

Interestingly, these rankings correlate exactly to the number of Italian-born Australian residents -- with most living in Melbourne (73,799), followed by Sydney (44,562), and then Adelaide (20,877). Happy coincidence?

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How much pizza did your state order in 2017?

1.6 million kgs worth of pizza

Or the weight of 320 killer whales

1.3 million kgs worth of pizza

Or the weight of 872 hippos

11 km worth of pizza

13 times the length of the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

60 km worth of pizza

The distance from Sydney to the Blue Mountains

42 km worth of pizza

Equivalent to running Sydney’s City2Surf race three times!

7.7 km worth of pizza

Equivalent to 7 trips across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

1.6 km worth of pizza

Equivalent to the distance from which you can smell a skunk

1 km worth of pizza

The length of Bondi Beach

Peak pizza popularity, a day-by-day breakdown

Tap the days in this snazzy graphic to check out the most popular days for pizza orders in Australia.

Hover over this snazzy graphic to check out the most popular days for pizza orders in Australia.

SUN 12,000
MON 7,100
TUE 7,800
WED 8,900
THU 9,700
FRI 15,000
SAT 14,300

A brief history of pizza

Since the 1950s, Italian food, and more specifically pizza, has evolved into an integral part of Australian cuisine and food culture. In fact, our consumption of pizza per capita rivals that of Italy (believe it!), with suburban takeaway pizza joints becoming a staple of the Australian culinary landscape. And we’re not alone in our appreciation of the Margherita pizza — it's actually the most popular food in the world!

Click here for more on Australia's rich pizza history and below for some fun pizza facts.

22 March, 2001

South African restaurant, Butler's Pizza, set the world record for the longest pizza delivery, travelling 11,000 kilometres from Cape Town to Sydney.

April 2001

The first and only pizza to be delivered to outer space. The 6-inch Salami pie was rocketed to the International Space Station for astronaut Yuri Usachov and featured extra spices and salami, to prevent moulding.

November 19, 2004

A new record for the farthest food delivery was set by a London restaurant. Cooked on November 17, the vegetarian Supreme travelled 17,000 kilometres and reached Melbourne’s 'Ramsey Street' on November 19, 2004.

May 22, 2010

The first ever Bitcoin purchase was made for a couple of pizzas, amounting to US$25 (or 10,000 Bitcoins). Today, this transaction would be worth a staggering $US9 million. May 22 has since been known in the cryptocurrency community as “Bitcoin Pizza Day”.

Jan 25, 2012

With 80 hands on deck, the world record for the most pizzas made in one hour was smashed by a small pizzeria in Bundaberg, churning out a whopping 837 pizzas in just 60 minutes!

April 14, 2014

Aussie pizza maker Johnny Di Francesco was named World Pizza Champion at the prestigious Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza in Italy. Competing against 600 of the best pizza makers in the world, spanning 35 countries, Di Francesco won for his Margherita pizza, a menu staple at his Melbourne restaurant in Brunswick, 400 Gradi.

October 13, 2016

Menulog teamed up with Pizza Design Co to create Australia’s first 23 carat gold leaf pizza. Dubbed the ‘Golden Margherita’, the decadent pizza retailed for $50, and even came complete with a certificate of authenticity!

Australia's most loved toppings

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Australians love their traditional pizza toppings. While 2017 was the year of the Margherita, the controversial Hawaiian came in at a very close second, followed by fan favourite, Pepperoni.

Tap on the leaderboard below for the top 10, check here for our Ultimate Guide to Pizza Toppings, and here for the most controversial pizza toppings of all time!

Hover over the leaderboard below for the top 10, check here for our Ultimate Guide to Pizza Toppings, and here for the most controversial pizza toppings of all time!

  • Margherita

    226,420 PIZZAS

    Named after Queen Margherita of Savoy, who reigned Italy from 1878 to 1900.

  • Hawaiian

    166,144 PIZZAS

    An accidental creation, the Hawaiian pizza was invented in Ontario, Canada.

  • Pepperoni

    142,968 PIZZAS

    The first pizza ordered via computer, all the way back in 1974.

  • Meat Lovers

    142,809 PIZZAS

    Contains up to 5 different types of meat!

  • Supreme

    114,524 PIZZAS

    One of these bad boys once traveled from London all the way to Melbourne.

  • Vegetarian

    103,895 PIZZAS

    The largest circular pizza ever baked, weighing a staggering 12,194 kilos.

  • Capricciosa

    96,492 PIZZAS

    Contains just 5 ingredients; mozzarella, ham, mushroom, artichoke and tomato.

  • Australian

    93,191 PIZZAS

    Contains anywhere from 4 - 6 eggs.

  • BBQ Chicken

    90,989 PIZZAS

    Invented in 1985 by popular American restaurant chain, California Pizza Kitchen.

  • BBQ Meat Lovers

    78,151 PIZZAS

    Contains an average of 235 calories per slice…eat now, gym later!

Pineapple on pizza:
A culinary war for the internet ages

  • 698,874

    Pizzas last year had pineapple on them

  • 203,753

    Pizzas ordered added pineapple

  • 8,360

    Pizzas ordered removed pineapple

No food debate is more polarising than that of the neverending “pineapple on pizza” argument.

Just when it seemed like enthusiasts and haters alike had moved on, last year the battle lines were redrawn when everyone’s favourite profanity-loving chef, Gordon Ramsay, reignited the pineapple pizza fire, proclaiming, well, you can Google it...

Proving that pineapple is as loved as it is loathed, the fruit was simultaneously the third most removed pizza ingredient and the second most added pizza ingredient of 2017.

Interestingly, pizzas featuring pineapple account for 20% of total pizza orders on Menulog. And somewhat surprisingly, Hawaiian is the second most popular topping ordered, losing out to the ultimate OG, the Margherita.

If you’re a pineapple lover, pizza classists might think you’re basic, but press forward, throw shame to the wind and order that juicy Hawaiian here. And if you’re a pineapple hater, probably don’t order a Hawaiian. Also, everybody just chill.

Read more on the colourful pineapple pizza debate here.

Can you discover the three most removed items from pizza?

  • Olives


  • Mushrooms


  • Capsicum


  • Onions


  • Chilli


  • Anchovies


  • Prawns


  • Pineapple


  • Sauce



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