Tasty soups to beat the winter chill

Tasty soups to beat the winter chill

The weather is getting colder and that means it’s time to hop into your onesie and wrap yourself in a blanket like a caped crusader. It also means it’s time to re-introduce soup into your diet.

Not a fan of soup? We’re here to prove to you that there really is a soup for everyone. But if you’re still not keen, look at it this way: if you still want to hang onto that bikini bod when the weather warms up again, swap some hearty meals for a nice bowl of soup every now and then.  

Crab and sweet corn soup

Because chicken and corn soup is something your Grandma would make. Live life like it was meant to be lived, and order a tasty crab meat and sweet corn soup. The only person who’s going to be crabby about it is your Grandma because you’ve opted to order in at her place to have a soup-erior meal.

Order crab and sweet corn soup from: Diamond Chinese Restaurant, Belconnen, ACT


Feel like pasta but don’t feel like pasta? Minestrone is your perfect dish. This thick hearty soup will transport you to Italy. We’ll check in on you later to see if you really did carrot all about pasta.

Order Minestrone from: East Keilor Pizza Restaurant, Keilor East, VIC

Karaage Udon

Look, it’s no secret ramen is the leader in the land of soup. And it’s for that exact reason that we don’t class ramen as a soup. It sits in a whole separate category. So, when thinking about other Japanese soups that completely satisfy and warm you up from the inside, we realised you can’t go wrong with udon with japanese fried chicken. Not feeling clucky for some karaage? Udon know what you’re missing out on.   

Order Karaage udon from: Sushi Kiyo, Banyo, QLD

Wonton soup

When you’re trying to be healthy but ‘dumpling’ is your middle name. You’re always wonton more.  

Order Wonton soup from: Lucky Express Chinese Takeaway, Nunawading, VIC

Lentil, vegetable and borlotti bean soup

Lentil, vegetable and borlotti bean soup is perfect lunch time food. It’s hearty yet nourishing and goes great with warm dinner rolls.

Order lentil, vegetable and borlotti bean soup from: Saladworks, Piccadilly, NSW

Vegan tom yum

An honourable mention must go to pho and laska. Of course, these are both the ultimate soup options, up there with ramen. But don’t forget about tom yum, certainly not a vegan tom yum. This hot and sour soup even has some vegan prawns swimming around. You go, Glenn Coco.

Order vegan Tom Yum from: Madame K’s Vegetarian, Fitzroy, VIC

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