Valentine’s Day date with Menulog

Valentine’s Day date with Menulog

Hallmark holiday or not, there’s no escaping the love on Valentine’s Day. There’s something in the air: the scent of Cupid, the scent of roses, the scent of love. It’s all there to remind you that Valentine’s Day has arrived and you have forgotten to make all the relevant bookings for your date.

We have some spesh date ideas that will save you from being terribly unorganised. In fact, you’ll be able to pull it off to great success on the actual day itself. You sly fox, you.

Date night for the lover of the old and faithful

Nothing says romance more than enjoying the classics on Valentine’s Day. Go to the shops on your lunch break to stock up on candles, and something to light them with, of course. On your way home from work, order a smorgasbord from your favourite local Italian restaurant, think calamari fritti, pasta napoletana, a capricciosa pizza, and caesar salad. Once you’re home, get your finest cutlery out and set the table. Light your candles, turn on some music to get you in the mood, and wait for your date to arrive. You’ll score bonus points if you can tee up the food to arrive before your date.


Order Italian for Valentine’s Day on Menulog: Mancini’s Italian Restaurant, Belfield, NSW

Date night for the sweetheart

Out to impress? Let this Valentine’s Day be one filled with desserts. Pick up some ice cream, waffles, cupcakes and more, then, locate your picnic blanket from your car boot and head down to your favourite grassy hill so you and your date can bask in the impressive views.  


Order ice cream for Valentine’s Day on Menulog: Cold Rock, Lilydale, VIC

Dinner for one

Cupid’s arrow didn’t strike? Don’t worry, there ain’t nothing wrong with flying solo on V Day. And, you know what really soothes the soul? Chocolate. In fact, chocolate lava cake is scientifically proven* to be the perfect food for times like these. Run a hot bath (or ice bath if it’s 40+ degrees), throw a bath bomb in it and jump in** with your chocolate lava cake. Make sure your laptop is somewhere you can see it (and far away from water) with Netflix ready to go. It’s time for some ‘you’ time.


Order dessert for Valentine’s Day on Menulog: Pizza Bite, Redwood Park, SA

Date night for those who have a zest for love

They say love is fiery so if that’s what you’re really feeling, turn up the heat with some Mexican food. Find a nice spot overlooking the beach and order some chilli con queso (spicy cheese dip), nachos and burritos with extra chilli. Tell your date to bring their swimmers, because you’ll both require a quick dip in the ocean to cool off.


Order Mexican for Valentine’s Day on Menulog: Montezuma’s, Surfers Paradise, QLD


Need some liquid courage? We’ve got that too: Liquor Legends, Crows Nest, NSW 


* Scientifically proven by us when we ate chocolate lava cake

** Menulog takes no responsibility for you physically jumping into a shallow bath


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