BlueFire Churrascaria Grill & Bar
439 Docklands Drive, Waterfront City, Docklands VIC        Contact details
International, Mexican/Latin American, Modern Australian
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BlueFire Churrascaria Grill & Bar Schedule
Dining Schedule
12:00 to 23:00
12:00 to 23:00
12:00 to 23:00
12:00 to 23:00
12:00 to 23:00
12:00 to 23:00
12:00 to 23:00
Contact details - BlueFire Churrascaria Grill & Bar
439 Docklands Drive, Waterfront City, Docklands VIC
(03) 9670 8008
(03) 9670 8007
  • This sensational waterfront restauran features the exciting Churrascaria dining concept; flame grilled meats and seafood (inc beef, chicken, calamari, pork, and fish) carved right at your table until you say “no more!”

    Open lunch and dinner 7 days

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    Bluefire was an amazing experience. For the price, the amount of food that my friends and i ate was unbelievable. Food was excellent and service was great and we all will definitely be back.

    The vegies were great, the meat was really fatty the only meat enjoyed by the five of us was the lamb.Pork was raw and the chicken was wings no meat on them.Overall very disappointed and for the pr...

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    • Overall 9 |  Food 9  |  Ambience 9  |  Value 9  |  Service 9

      Bluefire was an amazing experience. For the price, the amount of food that my friends and i ate was unbelievable. Food was excellent and service was great and we all will definitely be back.

    • Overall 1.8 |  Food 2  |  Ambience 1  |  Value 2  |  Service 2

      Possibly the worst dining experience in my life, the carnivale music and whistle blowing was so loud I had to virtually scream at my wife sitting next to me in order to be heard, The food was dreadful, very tough undercooked roadkill on a skewer, for $59.00 a head all you can eat they made a killing, two mouthfuls and we left with pounding headaches.

    • Overall 4.3 |  Food 5  |  Ambience 7  |  Value 3  |  Service 2

      When I heard about this restaurant, it seemed like a good concept: Quality fish and meat, as much as you like. Overall though the food was poor quality, of the type I might understnad if the meals were under $20, and the service was absolutely inept. Topped off by our waitress not washing her hands after using the toilet. You could go smewhere really nice and actually get some good service and nice food for this proce. DONT bother going here! A group of ten of us ate there on 2.1.09. Eight ordered the 'all you can eat' option. I had prawns with a rice pilau for $38. The prawns were nice, garlic flavoured and about ten of them. However the small amount of pilau was swimming in some sort of orange oil, which then spread to the prawns. There was no mention on the menu about this oil, and it was disgusting. I tried a few pieces of my friends squid: this was wrapped into two layers and then cooked on the skewers. The centre layer was uncooked. Another friend stated the lamb tasted like it had been sitting around for too long. The service started off ok, but deteriorated quickly. I asked our waitress for a few glasses of water, which never came. I asked again, no water came. The third time I asked, she brought one glass of water, about forty minutes after my first request. I ordered icecream for dessert, one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of pecan. This arrived with no spoon so I asked the man who brought it out to bring a few to share. ABout five minutes later (icecream already melting), our waitress brought a spoon, I asked for another as we were sharing. I never got a second spoon. I dont know if it was becuase she didnt speak ENglish very well.... Worst of all, I went to the bathroom, and used the toilet. Our waitress came and used the toliet next to mine. As I washed my hands, she left the toilet and saw that I was using the sink. The other sink had a tap that didnt work. SHe left without washing her hands (I presume she didnt want to wait for me). Absolutely disgusting.

    • Overall 8.3 |  Food 10  |  Ambience 8  |  Value 6  |  Service 9

      was great, a bit overpriced for what it was but still a fantastic experience

    • Overall 8.5 |  Food 10  |  Ambience 7  |  Value 7  |  Service 10

      it was a great experience and i will be coming back me and the girls thats for shore

    • Overall 5.5 |  Food 5  |  Ambience 5  |  Value 3  |  Service 9

      Great staff, very professional and approachable. The food was nice, though I would not order the grill experience again, it just was good value for money.

    • Overall 2 |  Food 2  |  Ambience 2  |  Value 2  |  Service 2

      extremely dissapointing. drinks took a long time to come. the service was terrible. the meat on the skewer came out only once, when we asked for more it seemed all too incovenient. The price was extrodinary for the quality of meat, service and atmosphere. We were even served stale bread. We too paid $500 for 4 people incl drinks. I dont mind paying good money for top quaity and service. You do not get this here.

    • Overall 9.3 |  Food 9  |  Ambience 9  |  Value 9  |  Service 10

      The food & service were fantastic I will definately be back.

    • Overall 4.3 |  Food 5  |  Ambience 5  |  Value 4  |  Service 3

      disappointing. the restaurant was very busy and the service suffered. Drinks to an age to arrive, so much so we thought that they had forgotten. We brought this to the attention of another drinks waiter, that we had been waiting for over 30 minutes for our drinks order and then we end up getting 2 lots of drinks in quick succession. No communications. The churrascaria grill was very disappointing, some of the meat was full of gristle and inedible. The meat was either burnt to a cinder and tough or so rare that those who like their meat to be cooked medium could not eat it. The restaurant is very loud and cavernous. All in all a very average experience and for the money (over $ 550.00) for 6 of us it was definately not good value.

    • Overall 3 |  Food 3  |  Ambience 3  |  Value 3  |  Service 3

      The steak was very average and the service was slow. It's a very hussle bussle place with a huge dining area so was quite noisey and more like a food hall than a classy restaurant.

    • Overall 3.5 |  Food 1  |  Ambience 7  |  Value 2  |  Service 4

      Food is nothing special - just a grill meat that is then placed in chucked on the plate. I have been to many other churascaria restaurant overseas - and this is nothing close to the real churascaria and no creativity in serving bbq meats. I would suggest going to other restaurant instead.

    • Overall 7.5 |  Food 8  |  Ambience 7  |  Value 7  |  Service 8

      enjoyable evening, pleasant, different style of dining

    • Overall 8 |  Food 8  |  Ambience 8  |  Value 7  |  Service 9

      Really different enjoyed the idea of meat carved in front of you.

    • Overall 8.8 |  Food 9  |  Ambience 8  |  Value 9  |  Service 9

      we thoroughly enjoyed our experience at bluefire and the great service . la

    • Overall 8 |  Food 8  |  Ambience 7  |  Value 8  |  Service 9

      The whole experience was truly wonderful - staff was great, food was fantastic and everyone at the table was very happy. We'll definitely come again and be telling our friends!!!

    • Overall 8.5 |  Food 9  |  Ambience 7  |  Value 8  |  Service 10

      Blue Fire is a great new concept in restaurants. You can't go away hungry, no matter how hard you try.

  • Awards

    2008 - Restaurant & Catering VIC Awards for Excellence  

  • Restaurant Details

    Amex, Cash, Diners, Eftpos, Mastercard, Visa
    Licensed, Outside dining area, Secure parking, Takeaway, Water views, Wheelchair access
    Child-friendly, Formal, Luxurious, Relaxed, Sophisticated, Suitable for business, Trendy
    Gluten Free, Vegan Option, Vegetarian option
    Cocktail, Formal, Sit down
    Suitable for
    Birthday/Anniversary, Business lunch/dinner, Christmas party, Other
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