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Bombay Grill - Leichhardt

12:00 - 23:59
Min order
  • Free Item

    Order $50 or more Bonus FREE 1 x BONUS Free Papadums and 1.25L Soft Drink

  • Dinner for Two - save $5.00
    • 2 x Entree
    • 2 x Medium Dishes from Main Menu
    • 1 x Papadums (four pieces)
    • 1 x Raita or Mango Chutney
    • 1 x Basmati Rice For Two
    • 1 x Plain Naan
    • 2 x Soft Drinks (Can)


  • Family Deal - save $17.00
    • 4 x Entree
    • 3 x Large Dishes from Main Menu
    • 2 x Large Rice
    • 2 x Plain Naan
    • 1 x Papadums (four pieces)
    • 1 x Raita Cucumber & Youghurt
    • 1 x Mango Chutney
    • 1 x Soft Drinks (1.25L)


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Bengali cuisine originates from the region of Bengal, now divided between Bangladesh and India. Due to coastal access and proximity to the Ganges Delta, great emphasis is placed upon seafood, especially fish and prawns. Mutton, goat and chicken form the basis of most meat dishes and milk and eggs are important sources of nutrition, featuring in a variety of desserts. As with many sub-continental cuisines, vegetables play a prominent role, particularly gourds, roots and tubers, which are flavoured with a range of herbs and spices. Fruit appears in the form of lemons, limes and plantains. The foundation of many meals is rice, especially biryani, a popular dish often served as celebrations such as weddings. Bengali cuisine notably differs from that of its neighbours by serving food in courses rather than all at once, similar to the French style which much of the Western world has adopted.

You won’t find many restaurants in Australia solely dedicated to Bengali cuisine, but Bengali dishes may appear on menus in Indian and curry places across the country. Subtly flavoured and diverse, Bengali food meshes well with the Australian palette, with the desserts and sweets in particular not to be missed: be sure to sample roshogolla or shondesh, cheese-based treats that can be enjoyed any time.

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  • Bombay Grill - Leichhardt

    Butter Chicken (mild)

    tandoori grilled chicken tikka in a creamy tomato gravy cooked in the classical way

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Bombay Grill - Leichhardt

Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

Fast friendly and delicious hot food was delivered - thanks

zac - January 2018
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