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The Family Hotel Maitland

Comfort Food
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Waking up to the smell of your mother's baked rice custard or daydreaming of the mashed potatoes you used to eat puts you back in the past--you're in the grips of a craving for comfort food. Before the diversification of the Australian diet as of late, the cuisine of the generation prior was decidedly British. Meat-focused and carbohydrate-laden, many of the foods we grew up with wouldn't necessarily be at the forefront of a governmental health initiative, but if eaten in moderation, a little comfort food can do wonders for the spirit.

Lucky for us, to this day Australian agriculture production closely resembles that of the UK, and British traditions persist in takeaway and home-cooked meals. Roast dinners, pies, and braised lamb shanks can be found easily, and the simplest ingredients for an Australian hamburger--a fried beef patty with shredded lettuce and a tomato slice on a bread roll—are all amply available. Moreover, fresh produce is amply available and reproduction of old favorites has never been healthier or tastier. Depending on your age, you may look to fruits in syrups baked into crumbles, pastries, and cakes for desserts from the past or a ANZAC biscuit, lamington, or pavlova instead. Of the things that make you happy, nothing beats good fish and chips. Plus, there's always Vegemite on toast.

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