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Alla nona (or alternatively alla nonna) is one of the classic Italian sauce recipes. Tomatoes are cooked down to reduce their water content, concentrate their flavours, increase their sweetness, and complicate their cooked notes. Often containing browned onions that go through a similar process, alla nona is a simple sauce that can be complicated by the many different preparation techniques possibly likely between generations.

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Takeaway alla nona varies plenty. First of all, its a sauce; you won't see "alla nona" on the menu alone because it functions more as a food suffix: gnocchi alla nona, ravioli alla nona, chicken alla nona, and so on. Also, ingredients in alla nona preparation can change from each place. The source of tomatoes differs; more vegetables may be added; stronger spices may get thrown into the mix.

Alla nona is common enough in Italian or pasta-centric restaurants. Specifically an Italian dish, alla nona has been subsumed into the classic fare for pasta restaurants in general. Just as the more common Italian pasta dishes are packaged "family style" (one serving is as easy to create as a batch for three), the possibility is high for finding large portions to satisfy a group of friends or an office party. Italian dishes were meant to be shared, and there is enough alla nona to go around.

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