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Curry House - Gosford

11:30 - 20:30
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Chicken Shaslicks Delivery from Local Restaurants
Chicken shaslicks refers to chicken on a skewer cooked near coals or an open flame. This dish uses onions, capsicums, and bacon to support the pieces of chicken that are featured centrally--all of which are similarly held by the same skewer. All pieces are cooked quickly and evenly to produce a dish that's easily eaten after a quick preparation; this dish is a rapid option for delivery or takeaway.
What Takeaway Chicken Shaslicks Can I Order Online?
Chicken shaslicks appear in many different countries so takeaway options in Australia are numerous. Persian, Turkish and Moroccan cuisines all produce a similar dish. Ordering from each type of restaurant is sure to result in some differences between each, but the basic premise is the same: solely chicken or chicken alternated with vegetables are skewered and cooked. With the high heat used in each, this is not an uncommon occurrence for chicken shaslicks to be cooked as fast food or street food in each country and Australian vendors continue to produce this dish quickly.
Bacon-wrapped versions are definitely not the norm in classic preparations, but Australian barbecue restaurants aren't limited so much by religious or cultural restrictions on food. As a result chicken may get paired here with all sorts of different types of meat for a combination in the protein accompanying the vegetables.

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Curry House - Gosford

Overall 9 |  Food 8  |  Value 10  |  Speed 9

Fantastic entrees and vegetarian dishes, reasonable pricing and lovely delivery service

Rebecca - November 2015
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