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Bombay 2 Mumbai

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  • Tifin For 1 - Save $9
    • 1 x Samosa (1 Pc)
    • 1 x Small Curry
    • 1 x Small Pulao Rice/Naan


  • Bombay Dabba - Save $24
    • 1 x Samosa (2pcs)
    • 2 x Curries
    • 2 x Regular Pulao Rice/Naan
    • 1 x Raita and Pickle


  • Mumbai Dabba - Save $25
    • 2 x Curries
    • 1 x Pulao Rice
    • 1 x Naan Tokri (Assorted Naan)
    • 1 x Raita and Pickle
    • 1 x Papadum
    • 1 x T/O Salad


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Indian cuisine features a diversity of dishes containing exotic spices and ingredients. Murg Malvani, a coconut-based curry, is part of this impressive tradition. It is usually served as a main course. Murg Malvani originates from Western India and, as a result, is classified under Malvani cuisine. Thanks to its interesting cooking process and flavoursome chicken chunks, this dish has gone beyond the Indian borders and is now globally adored.  
What Takeaway Murg Malvani Can I Order Online?
Takeaway Murg Malvani makes the perfect lunch or dinner when you’re on the run. It is satisfyingly rich and when consumed with bread or rice, it can ease your hunger pains in no time.

Unlike other Indian curries, Murg Malvani is less spicy, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not delicious. It is in fact full of flavours and makes the perfect choice for someone who is non-vegetarian. This special curry is prepared with chicken, coriander leaves, onions, cardamom, tomatoes, mustard seeds, mustard oil, tamarind water, cumin powder, garlic and ginger paste, turmeric powder and, for extra spiciness, red chilli powder. The masala is made of roasted and ground coconut, red chillies, fennel seeds, anise, cinnamon, cloves, cumin seeds, and coriander seeds mixed with water. The masala is added towards the end of the cooking process.

Murg Malvani goes hand in hand with roti or rice.

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Bombay 2 Mumbai

Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

best food in western Sydney,i got order in 35 min,,food was delicious,they reopen now everyday,please try lamb saag or butter... Read more

David - January 2018
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