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Omas Kitchen

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Schnitz - Dandenong

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German food delivery from local restaurants

Foods that have come to take on the label “German” are a consequence of historic ingredient proximity, seasonal availability, and necessary preservation techniques. Global trade and the advent of refrigeration have negated all of those concerns so the very idea of German cuisine is deeply rooted in tradition. The German immigrants to Australia brought their recipes and cooking traditions and modified them according to ingredient availability. They initially settled the the Barossa Valley of South Australia, and got to work making sausage: leberwurst, mettwurst, blutwurst, weisswurst and above all, bratwurst. As with the farming community back home, whatever fresh produce not immediately consumed was preserved by pickling, smoking, drying, or salting with methods brought from Germany. Imported German beers remains produced the same way for hundreds of years. In fact, laws exist to maintain the same brewing methods frequently placing them behind new brewers who are not afraid to combine new techniques with the old.

Perhaps as a counterpoint, wine from Germany is made the same way as its been for hundreds of years and is celebrated to this day. Riesling and Gewurztraminer exist as German imports, but the first German settlers in Australia started vineyards immediately here too. Similarly, baking in German has benefited from an arsenal pursuit of time-tested techniques and a cultural celebration of skill. Streuselkuchen, or just kuchen (the streusel is the crumble on top) is popular. Honey biscuits are also common, especially at Christmas time. German foods are often hidden as “Australian” foods because since their arrival, Germans have been influencing the cuisine of Australia.

Popular dishes

  • Omas Kitchen

    Traditional Beef Goulash and Bread Dumpling with G

Recent reviews

Schnitz - Dandenong

Overall 7.3 |  Food 7  |  Value 7  |  Speed 8

Ordered from the Dandenong Schnitz. The food arrived in a timely manner, however the order was slightly incorrect (no spicy... Read more

Keiley - January 2018

Omas Kitchen

Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

Omas Kitchen fantastic German food delivered promptly. Friendly helpful service.

Paul - June 2016
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